By it'sabitwindy - 09/12/2011 06:05 - United States

Today, I added "a road sign" to my ever-growing list of 'Things which have hit my car as a result of the wind.' FML
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Your mom. She's so big...that the OP....couldn't avoid her?! /horriblejokewashorrible

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1.Herd of wildebeast 2.Herd of babies 3.Herd of baby wildebeast

10. Chickty China the Chinese chicken

did something fly through the window, perhaps?

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...and Justin Beiber! Sorry, wishful thibking

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10. Cow 11. A few cars 12. Droids 13. The Empire State Building

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#14: The OP himself. The car probably received a hit from the OP's hand in his frustration. Damn!

Commiserations, but at least it wasn't a falling tree!

Oh, man! That must be scary. Outta no where a sign hits you. Be funny if the sign read"careful on road, sign crossing" lol

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Darn wind, Always blowin stuff.

I read your comment in a peter voice the first time I said it and it sounds like something he would say.

Oh my god, I ran over something again! Wind, cover for me! "OKAY"

It was the wind's fault! It was distracting him by howling.

OP might live in the sticks.. The ideal that everyone use public transport is just that, an ideal.

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Sounds like you live in a hazardless, no natural disasters area.