By it'sabitwindy - 09/12/2011 06:05 - United States

Today, I added "a road sign" to my ever-growing list of 'Things which have hit my car as a result of the wind.' FML
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What else is on that list?

8.flying dildos


What else is on that list?

yumlicious 4

Your mom. She's so big...that the OP....couldn't avoid her?! /horriblejokewashorrible

CalCommando 6

1.Herd of wildebeast 2.Herd of babies 3.Herd of baby wildebeast

6. Wheelie bins 7. Trampolines

8.flying dildos

9. A few prostitutes.

10. Chickty China the Chinese chicken

11. used condoms ^old FML reference.

did something fly through the window, perhaps?

#18 nice way of joining two FMLs

bossroyd 4

...and Justin Beiber! Sorry, wishful thibking

#13 joseph stalin

Way to ruin the chain #33

Takador 3

A trampoline?

seviluvsu 0

10. Cow 11. A few cars 12. Droids 13. The Empire State Building

mrlopez 13

#14: The OP himself. The car probably received a hit from the OP's hand in his frustration. Damn!

Commiserations, but at least it wasn't a falling tree!

Oh, man! That must be scary. Outta no where a sign hits you. Be funny if the sign read"careful on road, sign crossing" lol

MwahFMLS 6

Darn wind, Always blowin stuff.

I read your comment in a peter voice the first time I said it and it sounds like something he would say.

Oh my god, I ran over something again! Wind, cover for me! "OKAY"

It was the wind's fault! It was distracting him by howling.

That's gonna leave a mark.

OP might live in the sticks.. The ideal that everyone use public transport is just that, an ideal.

umm_Talk 9

Sounds like you live in a hazardless, no natural disasters area.

I pray 'hulk' never get in ur list!

Shitty luck, man.