By Anonymous - 09/12/2013 05:57 - United States - Spokane

Today, I discovered that my stepbrother has been telling his friends that I'm his girlfriend. FML
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Sorry, OP. Force him to tell his friends the truth; involve your parents if necessary. That's not okay at all.


Sorry, OP. Force him to tell his friends the truth; involve your parents if necessary. That's not okay at all.

Yes, unless you are Alicia Silverstone and he is Paul Rudd and you two are starring in a semi-popular 90s movie, this is a problem.

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Why has there been such an explosion of incest-related FMLs lately..?

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Holidays are a time for family.

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Christmas trees, holiday music, family dinners, nights by the fire place, roasting marshmallows, making sex tapes filmed by your uncle... and some good ole family "bonding" *wink wink*

Didn't this person have another FML earlier like a day or to ago I swear I saw a user name anon the other day on an fml

This same OP posted another FML a few days ago the one with the cat blocking their sex lol gratz on getting two fmls posted back to back almost

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actually, step brpther/step sister wouldn't be incest. A bit creepy to some people, maybe, but they're not related by blood so...yeah

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I read this in Cleveland's voice from family guy

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How? They're not even related...-_-

63- They're stepbrother and stepsister. They aren't blood related, but they're related by law. It's still nasty.

yeah in this situation its way wrong but the idea isn't all that nasty I'm sure a single father and son have married a single mother and daughter. and if its really that nasty because its "by law" I guess a guy can't marry his brothers wife's sister.

You need to end that really quickly. Involve your parent/step-parent if necessary, because that's just creepy.

It's a bit weird, not super creepy. I'd wager that he is not at all attracted to OP or wants to go out with her, he just wanted to impress his friends or escape peer pressure by saying he had a girlfriend and OP got thrown in the mix by walking by at the wrong time, or maybe he had a picture of them together on his phone and figured that would do the trick. If they've seen them together before but don't know the family situation it's an easy lie, even better if his friends fancy her a bit as he'll be making them jealous. Still a bit weird when you look at the picture but still, he probably wasn't thinking about that at the time. At least, I really hope that's the explanation.

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You could have just said "parents".

"Dump" him in front of his friends in the most embarrassing way you can think of.

It'll get awkward when his friends come over and see that the girl who "dumped" him lives with him.

Better yet, use the classic line: "I'm telling mom!" in front of them all!

#16: " stepbrother has been telling his friends..." Something tells me he has friends. I dunno why; it's just a feeling I have.

That doesn't mean he has friends. I doubt she knows if they're actually friends with him or just people he knows. Plus, I don't know about you, but all my friends actually KNOW who my siblings are. Stop trying to be a smartass.

Or right in front of his friends yell give me a hug brother! Yeah that should do the trick.

Trying too hard? I'm not the one with 2000 comments sir.

No thanks. Keep on taking selfies bass kid.

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Mattjamt... You get upset too easily the internet isn't for you

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Mattjam, 1. Bass might look a little corny in that picture, but he seems like a pretty cute guy. Better than you, I suspect. Not because you look like Quasimodo (I wouldn't know) but because I imagine you cry during sex and play the victim in real life. 2. The internet is not a place for the weak of heart. If you want to play with the big boys, then you need to learn not to take things to heart or be so sensitive. If you cannot, then go to Club Penguin.

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Wat the hell are you talking about u have to tell him wat sex is

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I think this calls for a family meeting..

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YOU MEAN YOUR EX RIGHT Oh wrong FML relationship context

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66- So, you want her parents to get a divorce because of a little creepy but harmless rumour started by her stepbrother?

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#74, they were making a mockery of the "I hope you mean EX-boyfriend/girlfriend" comments that always pop up.

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While his uncle videotapes it.

My stepsister once convinced her friends that I was her child

In a few years you might find out she wasn't joking. ;-)