By messed up - 16/09/2011 21:10 - United States

Today, I finally told my crush that I like her. She said she could never date me, because apparently, "My best friend likes you." Her best friend is my step-sister. FML
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It's not genetic, if that makes you feel better.

well that was unexpected


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You know one of my biggest fantasies is to have a stepbrother so... LOL. I watched too much cruel intentions.

"Cruel Intentions" is a modern version of "Dangerous Liaisons". I love both movies.(:

At least no mutated babies?

aaaaand??? ...seriously; I don't get it!

@29, The original was amazing! the sequels sucked though :( @ op, that's a sticky situation you're in.

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As long as you two have different sets of parents, she's your Stepsister therefore no incest therefore no mutated babies. Unless she is a product of your parent and her parent. Thennn you might get a few extra didgets here and there. And there. And possibly over there.

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That would be a half sister.

That's some Jerry springer shit.

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reminds me of the movie "Lone Star State of Mind"

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Hey, it worked in Teen Mom with Tyler and Catelynn :) i know it's sad that I even watch that show.

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take her to your room and pound that pussy

"At least no mutated babies?" You do know, don't you, that step brother/sisters are not actually related.

That would make her his HALF sister. Not stepsister....

It's not genetic, if that makes you feel better.

Still. That's wrong in more ways the KaySL can count.

You know nothing.

You should be thankful OP she gave you the heads up.

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You should be thankful. Be thankful, damn it! Hahahaha (evil laugh)

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Man if I had a hot step sister who has the hots for me I'd be a happy man.

Step-sister, as in you're not technically related. It's okay! Heck, if you date her, you'll never have to move in with her! You're already there!

@63, OP never said anything about his stepsister being hot ;)

Thats weird unless you live in utah. In wich case shit like thats totaly exceptable. alright people dont start bitching it was a joke calm down

56 how dare you take an EvilGenius's line Mwahahahaha that's a true EvilLaugh.

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I, Lelouch of the rebellion, am the best evil genius ever. -.- don't mock me, human

I bet im the only one that got that joke.

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Which one? Mine? XD I watch too much anime

94 you mean Alabama?

111 I am not a human I am a 256 year old potato.

haha I was the first one to put you deserved it

I was the the second one to thumb down your comment that just happens to have nothing to do with the fml.

Thanks for that.

well that was unexpected

Disregard this post. Reply fail.

Maybe she only have one best friend.

well you're not family, technically. This could be a win for you op. Smash it with the power of a thousand gods, then decide what to do about it. If she's got a nice face/body and and isn't a stage 5 clinger, this could be epic. Albeit a little strange. My vote: hit it and quit it.

@47, isn't hitting and quitting the worst thing he can do? he still has to live with her a few more years yea? having a mad woman in the house is a quick route to having a headache.

Get ready OP shits about to get freaky up in here.

Wow. No tension there.. O_o

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Hit it, your not blood.

if its your step sister, theres no incest, so you should be good :)

She probably has another best friend. Stop assuming things, you weirdo.

Yeah because he wouldn't know the friends of the girl he likes and who his step sister is also friends with.

17- people can have more than one best friend, ya know. But if she said it was in fact his step-sister then that's a different story. She could of not said a name.

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She probably just said that so he wouldn't feel bad lol...? Because isn't that like every girls excuse to not make the guy feel bad or to try and get out of the situation..? That and to say they are lesbian haha (;

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Maggie--So true haha

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Wincest... Sorta. Only it's totally legal

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Not at all. It would of course be kinda weird for them to be in a relationship, but since they're not biologically related I don't see what's so terrible.

I really hope she has two best friends...

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she most likely does

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Just as op's name suggests... That's just messed up.... Fyl indeed....