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As long as you two have different sets of parents, she's your Stepsister therefore no incest therefore no mutated babies. Unless she is a product of your parent and her parent. Thennn you might get a few extra didgets here and there. And there. And possibly over there.

  NeatNit  |  32

Step-sister, as in you're not technically related. It's okay! Heck, if you date her, you'll never have to move in with her! You're already there!


well you're not family, technically. This could be a win for you op. Smash it with the power of a thousand gods, then decide what to do about it. If she's got a nice face/body and and isn't a stage 5 clinger, this could be epic. Albeit a little strange. My vote: hit it and quit it.

  Roadkill007  |  9

@47, isn't hitting and quitting the worst thing he can do? he still has to live with her a few more years yea? having a mad woman in the house is a quick route to having a headache.

  anongrl  |  2

17- people can have more than one best friend, ya know. But if she said it was in fact his step-sister then that's a different story. She could of not said a name.

  Maggie41909  |  0

She probably just said that so he wouldn't feel bad lol...? Because isn't that like every girls excuse to not make the guy feel bad or to try and get out of the situation..? That and to say they are lesbian haha (;