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  carmenm  |  6

yeah if u were more excited bout two choc bars then committing the rest of their life to someone they obviously weren't that excited to be married


they said 'when they got married' it's just a title. if they know they're committed and happy marriage isn't that big of a deal, just a piece of paper. now getting two chocolate bars for the price of one is pretty damn exciting !!!!!

  Cake_or_death  |  2

wtf carmenn I'm pretty sure the author was exaggerating to get the point across that she got way too freaking excited about the kitkats. don't take everything so literally.

  enonymous  |  8

Lots of Reasons:

1) Bored.
2) Worst game of Chicken ever
3) Finally a reason to say I have credit card debt.
4) "So how much of your Grandfather's estate did you inherit"
5)Buy one get one 50% off coupon.
6)Lifelong Scrabble partner
7)Someone to clean and massage your Anal gland
8)The INS is going to send you back to that 3rd world country called Quebec, Canada
9)Your parents decided you can't legally marry your sock, right hand and a bottle of Jergins.


10)Because Boners knocked you up

By  enonymous  |  8

You're obviously a man who knows the priorities of things. I personally don't remember my wedding. I got too drunk in Albertacos and you know what they say. What happens in Albertacos stays in Albertacos.