By Wheresthecreamfilling - 03/11/2016 06:03

Today, my girlfriend and I had sex. Later, she said the highlight of her day was getting a cupcake from the grocery store. FML
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Xelabasat 14

Next time give her a cream pie and see how she likes that


Xelabasat 14

Next time give her a cream pie and see how she likes that

when people ask what the highlight of their day was they don't want to know if you had sex. everyone has it....

What if it was the boyfriend who asked her that?

Sometimes cupcakes are just better than sex. Don't take it personally. Just find out if she enjoys sex with you, and what could be improved.

What kind of cupcake was it? If we're talking coffee flavor, id be worried. If it was red velvet then don't be too discouraged, kid ;)

Sex is an every day event (or can be for some couples), cupcakes are not!

Were you trying something new or exciting? If not then most sex isn't top 5

An excellent cupcake beats sex any day. Cupcakes are less messy than sex, so there's that too.

I'd say that's debatable, depending on how good the cupcake is or how hungry you are :)

cootiequeen4444 11

Maybe I just eat like a wild animal, but I find...combining the crumb and icing factors, cupcakes can be pretty messy. And in the end, it's like wow I'm a slob rather than after sex where it's like well I guess this is an acceptable state of messiness. Also sex apparently burns calories. Show me a cupcake that does that and I'll be there in 5 minutes!

Definitely. Not everyone finds sex to be this amazing thing. Not everyone even has it or wants it. Cupcakes are awesome though.

Your sex didn't beat a grocery store cupcake? Damn! Now, an artisanal bakery cupcake could provide stiff competition. Can you give her better frosting?

I believe OP is the one providing stiff competition.

And the fail is...? I honestly see nothing wrong with that. Even so, you don't just go around telling everyone you had sex unless you are in middle school or something... relax.