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  dolphincheddar  |  10

there are better pranks. like duct taping someone to a roof in a mummy position while they are sleeping, releasing 3 chickens in a well populated building numbered 1,2, and 4. drywalling over someones door while they are gone, pouring hot sauce in a sleeping persons mouth so they wake up with intense burning. Rick rolling someone watching a Porno. glueing every single object in a room on the roof. pissing on a var foot handle in the winter so it freezes shut. changing every single persons locker code in a school. slipping acid in someones drink who hasn't ever done drugs. the list goes on...

  iluvevil01  |  11

lol when I went to camp last week one of the camp counselors taped everything to the wall of one guys room. including his sleeping roomate. l have herad and seen many pranks but a pumpkin glued to a car? iv GOT to try that now!

  dvdp112  |  0

I call bs this is made up.. everyone just think about the size and the weight of a regular sized pumpkin. then think about how much effen super glue it would take to accomplish adhering a pumpkin to a car.. lol cone on this cannot be real

By  isabel22  |  0

Who would do that wait where in your car is it noticeable?.

  Saltime  |  0

Now, look above me, children. This is what we call an online predator. On 4chan, they're known as 40 year old virgins who stalk women on the internet, because they're either too ugly or too fat to stalk in real life like the rest of us.