By anonymous - 16/09/2013 05:35 - United States - Hillsboro

Today, a lady stormed into the pharmacy I work at and chewed me out because the medicine I sold her the day before gave her horrible diarrhea as a "side effect". I checked, and it was the medicine she asked for - laxatives. FML
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"You sold me something that I wanted, but it's not what I wanted at all!" The customer service industry is awful.


Yes they are! I had a similar situation, to OP, when I worked at a pharmacy. My customer wanted me to find medications that would know when she was available to have a bowel movement. That way, she would never have to have a bowel movement in public again.

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That's a shitty situation... Anyone? No...? Ok never mind.

Maybe she shat out her brains? Sounds plausible on this site.

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Did you tell her that she is just full of shit for blaming you?

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Perhaps the doc told her to get laxative and she just didn't know what it meant? Just a thought. But she's definitely not full of shit anymore...

"You sold me something that I wanted, but it's not what I wanted at all!" The customer service industry is awful.

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The worst part is that it's always the innocent CSRs that take all the blame. And half the time the management is too stupid and takes the asshole customer's side...

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can't fix stupid. what did she expect laxatives would do?

Laxatives are suppose to help you have a-- B.M. easier. Not necessarily give you "diarrhea". If I wanted to shit uncontrollably, I'd just eat at Taco Bell. :P

taco bell is perfect for constipation

No I'm pretty sure laxatives are the powerful way to get something out. A stool softener is the easier way.

why is your comment said to be too negative when someone else commented saying "cant fix stupid. what did she think laxatives would do." you said nothing wrong

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She may need crazy pills too.... Preferably ones that don't have diarrhoea as a known side effect!

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did you explain to her what you were giving her

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I'm sorry OP some people shouldn't be alive

There might be some people that shouldn't be alive, but someone who doesn't like ******** uncontrollably probably isn't that person. ;p

People are getting better at being idiots.

there are all sorts of people in the world this is one of the very few pricks

I don't know where you live, but I'd prefer to live in a world where there are only a FEW pricks.

Everyone knows that people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.