By zzzgrady - 27/10/2010 02:46 - United States

Today, after having the worst night of my life, my boss chewing me out and acid reflux all morning, I went to the snack machine at work to get the only thing that makes me happy, Reese's PB cups. I had just enough money to buy the very last one in the machine, and it got stuck. FML
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Rage against the machine??

I hate when that happens


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Go screw yourself Aussie. Have a nice day while you're at it too. :)

Aww poor baby, you didn't get your chocolate :(

wait a minute... chocolate is the only thing that makes you happy?

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How is it the worst night of OP's life getting yelled at? If that's the worst thing that's ever happened, I wouldn't consider it an FML...

if you have acid reflux, you shouldn't be eating that anyway. the machine did you a favor!

ROFL #24 your picture is pure epic in my eyes.

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lol stereotypes piss me off, I mRNA we do have alot of fat, ignorant, and arrogant people here but not all of Americans are like that.

25 - Chocolate releases endorphins, making you actually happier. That, and the OP's life probably sucks, so don't judge :@

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1, I don't like that ur pic made me laugh.

77: Holy crap! Your nails are really intense detail. That's awesome. They're really pretty.

oh that's an easy fix op just get a hard object and smash the front glass on the machine. then reach in and get the candy

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if that was the worst night of your life, OP, then your life is really not that bad

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even without it being the worst night of your life and all dat, gettin your reese peanut butter cups stuck in the vending machine is depressing.

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Aww:( no pbc for you!

sign u need to lose weight

I hate when that happens

why are you such a troll?

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#59 LOL

I love that chocolate

At least the boss wasn't eating you out! Just kick the bloody vending machine 'till it comes out! If that doesn't work, maybe you should let your boss eat you out for some pocket money so you can buy one tomorrow.

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they climbing in your windows snatchin your reese's up tryna rape em.

wellll, obviously we have a HATER in Lincoln park.

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lol <3

Haters gonna hate.....

we gon' find you.

you don't need to come and confess!

so you can run and tell that. HOMEBOY

ur pic an cmmnts and name made my day

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I could only feel sympathetic towards a Reese's peanut butter cup lover.

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hard luck, op, hard luck...umm... by any chance, did you bang your head against the glass in dispair? ...you never know, if you had hit your forehead hard enough, it could have fell...

Rage against the machine??

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Hell ya! Rock on! I've read that vending machines kill 2-4 people a year from them rocking it and such. Peanut butter cups might be worth the risk.

Bart Simpson: I Raged Against the Machine 'til all the candy fell out. Seriously kick that piece of crap machine. I found kickin' the sides work best. Reese's Peanut Butter Pie is the greatest food on the planet and if I had a peanut allergy it would be my last meal. RAtM is the greatest band ever.