By jacey chreyest - 14/02/2014 21:57 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I married the love of my life. I was ecstatic until the wedding reception, where my new husband got drunk and started crying about how he'd been "forced" into marrying me. FML
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That blows. People tend to reveal their true feeling when hammered. Not a good start but maybe it's just his fears coming out. He may learn to love married life.


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That sucks. Especially on you wedding day.

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Omg OP that sucks. :( I'm sorry that happened to you. If it's any consolation, I've never believed the whole "people speak the truth when they're drunk" theory. Sometimes people are just drunk.

Okay #21 i'll just let you have another shot at a post...

to some degree people do tell more of the truth when they are drunk that have a harder time keeping secrets and speak what is front and foremost on their minds

Once my friend got drunk and told us he'd been accepted into Hogwarts. They're not ALWAYS telling the truth.

Yeah take it from me, I lie about EVERYTHING when I'm drunk. Like... Everything, even when it's blatant that I'm lying. Not everybody is the same when drinking, and you must also remember, alcohol is in fact a depressant.

#69: Depressant doesn't mean that you get depressed when you consume it. It means your brain functions tend to lapse due to inhibition of neurotransmitters. If OP's husband really felt that way, it was probably not because of the alcohol.

May be able to do the annulment thing to avoid divorce. But talking it out may be best. He may have been nervous all day and the drunk added stupidity to it. Drunk words are not always sober thoughts.

run OP, I know I should be spouting support and give him a chance, but of he didnt 100% feel it today, he won't grow into it, not in today's world. Unless you guys are in your 40s and have spent allot of time alone. But if you guys are young, hes going to break your heart!! Run OP!!

I guess the feelings weren't mutual :/ sorry op

That blows. People tend to reveal their true feeling when hammered. Not a good start but maybe it's just his fears coming out. He may learn to love married life.

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I think any guy here would be nervous going into a marriage. It's a huge ******* commitment, but if you truly want to start a long and meaningful life with the person you love, you should not feel trapped. OP's husband seemingly did not think this through, and that's sad as hell. And for him to get drunk and say something like that is ridiculous in my opinion. He needs to get his ******* priorities straight, and not drag down someone else in the process. Good luck OP, you seemed to have married an ass.

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What a jerk!! Kick him to the curb. You deserve way better than that!

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They just got married...she needs to have a talk with him and see if they really are on the same page before this. Otherwise all that money for the wedding ( assuming it wasn't a courthouse wedding) would have been for nothing.

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He regrets having married her on the very first day of their marriage. It's horrible if that particular realisation happens after a few years, but are you honestly ready to spend the rest of your life with a person who thinks they have been forced to be with you? Having spent a lot of money on the festivities shouldn't be your main concern. Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong contract, and that isn't a particularly good start. If he's this disappointed on a day of celebration where everything revolves around the two of them, I shudder to think how he'd find the normal everyday life.

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Anyone here on FML realize whenever there is "the love of my life" in the FML somewhere, they turn out to be idiots, cheaters, liars, etc?

That's why it's on FML and not Facebook 20

@42 That is not the point. The point is people out there are horrible for giving their partners a feeling so great that they consider them "the love of their lives", yet behind that is heartbreaking story.

#42, re-read 20's comment in Morgan Freeman's voice and you'll instantly agree.

It's impossible to not read it in his voice and it is heartbreaking that people are so naive

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Maybe OP wasn't even the one to force him. I've known people whose parents force them into/ out of relationships. It's possible his parents/friends/other family members were putting the pressure on him and OP genuinely thought it was all him. Or OP could have forced him into all along.