Lies and slander

By wtf - 31/07/2010 23:31 - United States

Today, I got married. During the reception my husband got drunk and told 200+ people that we met at a dingy bar and that we "totally banged" all night. I don't know what's worse, the fact he embarrassed me in front of everyone I know, or if it was that that was not how we met. Not even close. FML
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thats wayy embarssing ! not a way to start of a marriage

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Sounds like a cheater to me. Run!!!♥

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admit it u did meet like dat u just didn't wanna come out as a *****! lol jk jk

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For one thing don't call someone a retard when you can't even spell "you're" correctly and two, it's a running theme on fmylife to make up stupid reaons why someone deserves it.

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anyone remember snikerdoodles?

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enough with the crybaby. at least you got married.. and your big day is memorable

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37- i remember snickerdoodles!

why do people with no pics sound arrogant in my head? Also op fyl

29, I hope you have a child who is actually mentally retarded.

OP, your husband was thinking of his other wife. get out now while you still can

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37- yes I remember her! what happened to her? I loved her grammar naziness(:

15, they just got married. That is not helpful. OP, it's hard to find this funny when you don't say how you actually did meet for comparison (a church picnic! volunteering at the animal shelter! etc.).

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62- No, they're not. Go back to elementary school, ok?

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60- You crack me up!!! I just love it when people try to correct other people's already correct spelling, and they get it wrong! FAIL!!!

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when they try to correct an already correct word, it just seems loserish.

Exactly 1. Now inform the 200+ people of how you and your new husband broke up.

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i agree with karina. youre just in denial.

Bekll- It's not a theme, it's a motif. If you can be picky, so can I.

I agree:) since when did fml become a spelling and grammar test

maybe he was fantasising! :D if that's a word :P

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it is a word youu just spelled it wrong.

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lol it's gnna be one heck of a marriage then huh!

Actually it would be spelt 'fantasising' in the UK... So it's not necessarily spelt wrong. Just throwing that out there.

It's also fantasising in Australia. Americans aren't the only people on this planet.

calm down kids. most Americans just don't realize that it's spelt in ways different than how they know it to be. chill.

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48- in English class we are taught the "American" way to spell the English language. we don't have British english or Australian English.

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so don't act like an ass and try to suggest Americans are ignorant people.

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Hey iamepicfail, you're right. That hairstyle squeals "fail" to eveyone who sees it. Great name/hairstyle combo.

Wow, this FML is over run with Grammar Nazis! Lol. Yes, people need to take into consideration that words are spelt differently in different countries. But people also need to consider the fact that not everyone knows which words have two or more different ways of spelling them. 18 and 19 didn't know that fantasising was spelt right. It especially didn't help that 11 wasn't even sure if he had typed out a real word, open up the possabilities of a mistake even more. 18 and 19 weren't being ignorant either (well, with 18 it is debatable, it depends on your tone of voice when you read it out). I feel like I have now put forth my unneeded information. Good bye.

kyto you're acting like an ass AND you sound ignorant. You can't possibly be American then. #70 I agree.

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#50- In the spirit of things... *differently

At least you're not a drunken ****, eh?

At least he pretended to know how you met. And he seems like the life of any party

just have to say this is your wedding night and your here on fml. really???

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5, if that was how my wedding turned out, I'd be on FML too. maybe the husband with a faulty memory was still trashed and she was sitting around miserable, so why not at least send the story to FML. plus, after his behavior, I doubt they're gonna have a nice romantic wedding night... he's drunk and he ruined the reception.

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You guys do realize that the FML's aren't posted immediately, right? This could have happend days ago.

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Maybe you were drunk so you thought you met in bed the next morning.

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So is this an FML because you didn't meet at a dingy bar?

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No, I think its a FML because she didn't get to get drunk and embarrass him.


Perhaps your husband was only trying to liven up your guys' story, give it a little edge. That is embaressing though. Memorable but embaressing..

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YOU married the asshole. What a memorable day, you must be proud, as are both sets of parents!