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Today, my fiancé got drunk at our wedding reception and announced to his and my family what we do in bed. And it was pretty detailed. FML
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crazymedic06 2

Isn't the reception after the wedding?

Before anyone looks at 2's comment like he's an idiot, he has a point. The FML says "fiancé", and then goes on to say "at our wedding reception."He wouldn't be her fiancé anymore if they just got married.


"oh you won't believe what she likes to do"

xoconnie 8

WHY didnt anyone stop him?????

37- Honestly, would you have stopped something that hilarious?

NiecyLuv365 1

Talk about embarrassing. Smh some people just should not be drinking.

Naith 14

Honestly I want to know is why the poor man is still a fiancé at the wedding reception

WeAreAHurricane 14

At least you do stuff he can brag about? Er...

crazymedic06 2

Isn't the reception after the wedding?

Before anyone looks at 2's comment like he's an idiot, he has a point. The FML says "fiancé", and then goes on to say "at our wedding reception."He wouldn't be her fiancé anymore if they just got married.

Yes, I believe at that point he would receive the title 'husband'. Maybe she meant wedding rehearsal dinner...

They could of had a messed up wedding schedule but if not, OP just made a change that probably takes a little getting used to. Just give OP a break

Agreed but it's a hard habit to break, like when you get called mrs whatever for the first time and you're say there like a dumbass until you realise, oh yeah, that's me!

I am LDS and we usually have receptions before the wedding. A ton of people go to the reception and only a few go to the actual wedding, because it's in a Temple. Not saying OP is LDS but just a possibility or they could have similar marriage celebrations.

elletex 8

Latter Day Saints, I'm assuming. Mormon.

Lama Dance Squad. Losers Doing Sex. Lobsters drowning seagulls. I could do this all day..

iBanana...keep going!! woo woo (does old banana gif dance!!)

j5p332 6

Perhaps after being outed in front of family and friends, OP decided marriage wasn't such a good idea after all...

maybe it was after but she was too used to call him her fiancé?

That's lovely...and really awkward..

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Cue the "divorce him!!1" comments.

He was drunk, give him a break. I'm not saying what he did was acceptable but it is not a reason to go as far as divorcing him

RedPillSucks 31

Honestly, being drunk is no excuse. Alcohol doesn't make you unaware . It reduces your inhibition to doing things you were thinking of doing, but would normally not do. Still, I thumbed you up 'cause you're Noor

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Depends on how drunk one gets. Inexcusable, but still not worthy of divorce. That shit's expensive too, especially right after a wedding. And thank you for clarifying, Noor. I feel like the fellow citizens of FMyLife are on my ass today and will attack me for anything :(

perdix 29

Actually, there's no need for divorce -- annulment would be sufficient for a marriage that is only a few hours old:)

TheDrifter 23

I don't see the problem with what he said. They DO those things. The only difference now is that he's given the family ideas about trying those things too.

69-It's probably an FML because she doesn't want all of her business out there--in detail, no less--like that, AT their wedding reception. I'm sure if he was okay with it she wouldn't have posted it on here.

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Why do you assume it's a heterosexual marriage? Don't make an ass out of you and me :/ It could be two guys... Just not in North Carolina now!

102 has a point. OP's username is "crazy man". Obviously it could mean something like "that was crazy man" but who knows?

TheBonzaiGirl 0

Thanks 109, for agreeing with this perfectly logical argument. However, be prepared for some cool kid (who we've somehow managed to piss off by providing a reasonable and often overlooked viewpoint) to log into her/his multiple accounts and thumb us down! ;D

" So, last week we tried that wheelbarrow position but it didn't work out... you should see her ****** face guys hilarious!"

Inheritance 10

"We've even *hiccup* tried to be farm animals, *hiccup* she's a great pig eating my "slop" *hiccup*"

eman1972 4
KingDingALing 9

Maybe if you told them he has a pencil dick he would've stopped. But hey, that's just my opinion.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

In his drunken wit, he could've retorted with "only because your ****** resembles the Grand Canyon".

Or he would have pulled it out to show everyone and prove OP wrong

ajwc 0

Never lie about a mans penis size.

eyecon502 13

They were probably jealous because their own sex lives aren't as exciting as yours.

Hope your husband didn't overhear, that would have been awkward.

challan 19

Lmao! I know, right? Pretty ballsy to have them both there at the same time. ;)

grace12898 0

Actually took me a second to understand lmao

Now all you have to do is get the Kama sutra and the whole world will know what your doing :)