By Mary C. - United States - Mendota
Today, while my in-laws were visiting, my two-year old accidentally pushed the door wide open while I was sitting on the toilet. My mother-in-law laughed, took out her cell phone, snapped a picture of me and posted it on Facebook for everyone in our family to see. FML
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  Teyros  |  24

She didn't deserve it... Her mother in law is just a dick. I lock the door on my bathroom even when no one is home. I guess I'm just paranoid like that.

  TallMist  |  32

First of all, calling people "fools" on here is NOT a good way to get your comments up voted and avoid being buried.
Second of all, while you're talking about the two year old, we're not.
Third of all, for all we know, you're just using that as an excuse to cover yourself when you really did mean the mother-in-law in the first place.

  mwali02  |  32

Or monster-in-law... This woman sounds awful. Hope OP keeps the visits few and far between! And go ahead and report the photos, so that they can at least get deleted from Facebook... Mild damage control. Hang in there!

  Tthug  |  34

It probably doesn't show anything. Because facebook has a policy against nudity. It's just embarrassing. This is why you always lock the door.

  cameosurgeon  |  16

I think the issue is more that the mother in law took the photo and posted it on Facebook. OP shouldn't have to lock the door. The situation is kinda embarrassing, but it wouldn't have been a very big deal of it weren't for the photo.