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  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

bail him out he probably had a wild and crazy night and has great stories to tell and you can probably steal them and write a screenplay for the hangover 2: wheres my daddy but it won't do as well and then you'll feel like a failure and then realize that you have become your father and the circle of life is complete.

By  krez  |  20

I would hope my kid would bail me out of jail if i ever needed it.

Then again, maybe there is more to your story that you left out.

  JonaDona  |  2

i wqs thinking the same thing....maybe he got drunk, got into a fight, stole some things and got caught just because he thought you didnt love him as a father and he got deppresed and life meant nothing to him should've called him

By  KingDingALing  |  9

One time, I was pissing on my neighbors front door, and then it froze a few hours later. They knew it was me because it wasn't the first time I did that. So Doc bailed me out and then we went to a party with KaySL, Sirin, Shrek, and Billy May's ghost. It was a total sausage fest. The last thing I remember was that I was drinking shots and then I passed out. I wonder why. My head hurts now and so does my butthole, and there's green finger prints on my legs. Crazy night.

By  phear46  |  0

Ydi because phones work two ways. You can call him. Sucks he's in jail but maybe he went and did something dumb because he's so depressed his child has abandoned him. If the FML was to say he called needing bail then fyl, but you wanted to point out you haven't spoken for half a year so Ydi.

  boatkicker  |  4

How do you know OP didn't call his/her father in that 6 months? My mother's been refusing my calls and emails for a while now, and I haven't spoken to her since September. It's not for lack of trying. At this point, if she called me up and asked me to bail her out, I'd be pretty angry.