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  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

OP, if this was your first wedding, im so sorry. but i cant blame them if its like your 5th wedding. i know a mom who quit getting excited for her daughter being engaged after the 5th engagement

  DoubleDose  |  0

here's the gameplan.
for your sister: when she gets a divorce( because of she's that much of a bitch to not show up it's doomed to happen) then say you'll represent her as her lawyer. stand her up so she loses everything in court.
for your dad: when he gets on in years take him in under the pretense that he needs to have a cancerous mole looked at( no doubt he has a ton) bribe the doctor to say he has 1 week to live.

problem solved

  xxlauruh  |  0

and there's nothing wrong with typing "nd" and people that get their panties all in a bunch about it really should find something more worthy to worry about. ND THATS THE TRUTH!

  rocketeer_97  |  1

im a grammar nazi. deal with it. the more you type like that, the more likely it will become a habit. its so not funnii when people type like that and try to act cool. and how am i supposed to not read it when basically all you do here is read.

  xxlauruh  |  0

actually spelling is a separate part of language than grammar. if you're going to get all high and mighty, at least make sure you, yourself sound "sensibly coherent."

By  Eggers  |  2

At least your soon-to-be husband is attending. is that not enough, princess?

By  sematariux  |  7

is this like, your 8th wedding or something?
I can see it being around that because then family members would be like, GREAT another wedding and soon to be divorce to add under your belt
but If it's your first or maybe maybe second
they should get their shit straight