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Today, my sister and I were planning a trip to get away from things and visit some faraway friends. My dad then decided to insert himself into our plans. He got mad when we said no, and couldn't understand why we wanted to go by ourselves. FML
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Although he might've just wanted to spend some quality time, he should also have respected the possibility they may just want to spend some time together when he was told no. Assuming it was a respectful no.


your dad just wants to hangout with you. you should appreciate the fact that he cares!

I do agree with you on some level, however, maybe the things OP and the sister wanted to get away from included the father. And honestly, I don't think I would want my parents to come along if I were to visit my friends.

My dad always inserted himself into trips because he's an ass who hates other people's happiness. There really isn't enough information to scold OP.

I never understood why "I/He/She/They care about you!" is seen as an excuse to be rude , and sometimes a down right ass to the person you say you care about. Trying to force yourself into a trip your daughters are planning to visit friends they don't get to see, and that you don't even know(most likely), a trip where you probably would just get in the way(because lets face it, there are a lot of things we want to do and say with friends, that we don't want our parents around for) or would be bored out of your mind and would probably bug your daughters to entertain you rather than hang out with your friends isn't caring, it's being rude.

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At first I mis-read this as "My dad then decided to insert himself in our Pants". THAT would have been very creepy bonding time.

And, the girls are probably 12 years old and they live in New Jersey (and he probably gave them a ride to their friends). This is what I assume when the poster is Anonymous.

With that kind of attitude, it sounds like you might be doing him a favor...

Why does saying "no" automatically means that they have an attitude? Can't they just say no and have their dad respect their decision?

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That guy's attitude is creepy, so yes, it is a big favor they did not to have him laughed at and ridiculed.

I am not saying that they have a bad attitude. Attitudes can be good or bad or anywhere in between. I completely understand that they wanted some time away and obviously away from the dad which is fine. What I was saying is that if they didn't want him there in the first place, he would be better off staying at home than to be with people who didn't want him around. In my opinion the attitude conveyed is selfish, which is the norm anymore, that's just life, however, my family is very close and any journey my Dad wanted to participate in with me would be a great benefit to me because my dad is a great guy. I understand that some Fathers suck and would be miserable to have along which is why I worded it the way I did.. You are free to take either explanation which to me are one and the same..

Although he might've just wanted to spend some quality time, he should also have respected the possibility they may just want to spend some time together when he was told no. Assuming it was a respectful no.

You should be happy he wanted to spend time with you and your sister. Shame on you, they don't live forever.....

Wtf? Don't make people feel bad when they never had bad intentions in the first place. OP wanted some time with her sister, & it's not like OP's taking her dad for granted.

#5 so you're telling me you have spent every waking moment with your parents? If you haven't, then by your logic you should be ashamed.

Op and her sister wanted sisterly bonding time and had planned out the trip specifically, they don't owe the father that time, so he can bloody wait and have father daughter bonding another time

Might I add, #5, that we don't live forever either. Your argument is invalid.

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Say yes, then book his flight to Nebraska.

why does everybody always book random flights to Nebraska? Is there a reason? Should I, perhaps, book my own random flight to Nebraska?

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Ever seen the movie "Yes Man"?

I've never really understood that thought process in some parents. I feel like if the child is responsible enough or an adult then wait for your invite or plan something with them. Don't bogart their plans.

The problem is some parents never really see their children as adults. Even at... let's pick a completely random number here... 26 years old, the parents still feel a need to control their child's life.

The kids could also still be too young to travel like that by themselves and he is just being a decent parent by wanting to go along

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No means no. Jesus. Sounds like my parents. Leave me alone! Lol.

No time for girls night out? I am jumping to conclusions due to OP's sex not given...