By Anonymous - 27/04/2011 19:16 - United States

Today, I awoke to make-up all over my face and nail polish on my hands and feet because my daughter wanted "daddy to look pretty." I have a job interview in an hour and none of it is coming off. FML
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Fx13mz 7

I bet you look hot.

alex6946 10

why don't you use makeup remover and nail polish remover? it simplifies things.


Fx13mz 7

I bet you look hot.

plus he could go to the interview as a 'mom' now

Men who care about their appearance is good qaulity in worker. They'll just think your overly dedicated.

He is sure to get a job now! in the circus...

pray your interviewer is a woman or gay

CateXOX 0

33- Why would a woman like a guy wearing makeup?

girl I bet you were rockin' that urban decay eye shadow palet. also, piss in a cup an tell your daughter it's apple juice. that'll show her >:)

miss bunny every single one of your posts involves peeing in something o.O

and normally something about crawling back in a hole. lol I love her comments.

anyone else notice these kind of fmls always have a job interview?

wanna go to space?

Stay low.... space cops.....

59 if by space u mean a drug induced coma then yes I do

HAHA well you could tell them what happened or go in confident and nice AS HELL I'm sure you'll get the job as long as you show you want it regardless of what your daughter did to you lol

littlemissFYL 5

it seems as if your daughter failed to make you look pretty, considering your bitching.

miss bunny! lovin that urban decay :D

O o :):):):):):):):) -------

just draw a moustache in pen over her face and a few more modifications and tell her. " this is daddy repaying the favor"

hopefully the job is for a clown!!! u would definitely get in:))

wintamint101 7

bonus pointss

59 & 65 I love deadmau5


47 LOL

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

#46 your username says a lot about your comments

lets get lost in space

Randuhh_17 4

38-I think 33 was stating that a woman would understand the situation better...not that a woman wants to see a man in make up. she might think it's funny, and see he is a home kinda guy, and possibly get the job.

But yah know OP had enough time to write this FML... :P lol

skidoo800HO 2

Well maybe your kid thinks that your interviewer is into that kinda thing... ya never know haha

I'm sure they will understand

Hehe yeah daddy looks pretty now alright.

emariebake 0

I thought melvarrr had 3 r's

is it just me or does everyone have a job interview in an hour?

msl1333 4

Freud would have a field day with this FML and this thread it inspired

I love how you think Ms. Bunny

nail polish remover ?


OMG IT'S THE END OF THE WORLDDD! Scrub harder geez

BugsBunny1 4

Just eat some food and calm down, buddy.

Eggers 2

but you had time to write this FML?

How many times do we have to explain this to people? All fmls posted on this website have to start with the word today. This could have happened a long time ago.

also, yes always write fml's. that's why we all have accounts.....

meh I agree with you

jjames7543 13

But if you look at the FML, it is written in present tense. So Eggers kinda does have a point...

67- that doesnt mean anything.

Eggers 2

77- does it matter that he said "I have a job interview in an hour"

ThatLooksSticky 16

Eggers is correct. The way it is written - with or without the word "today" as the first word - makes is sound like the OP stopping trying to clean himself up and instead author an FML post.The OP could have written, "Today I HAD and interview (...) and none of it came off."

eggers, as a matter of fact, no it doesnt. this person couldve written this yesterday & it got posted today. do you know exactly when this guy sent this in ? no, you dont. it couldve been today, it couldve been yesterday.

obviously the author didn't stop to write this before his interview, but the fml sounds better in present tense. More likely, the author recalled his thoughts from the point in time when he was 1 hour away from his interview. If you are trying to question the validity of the fml... just don't. Not only does it take much of the fun out of the website, but we are also supposed to give the authors fiat.

Maybe after the interview? Or the next day?

thank you LogicPolice !

smileyxo4 5

I'd just like to say that #115, you do not make sense. Even if he did write this yesterday, you don't know if it happened yesterday. Am I correct?

4 are u bord with shit?

The tense used gives it a better narrative as if you're discovering the events along with the op rather than it simply being told to you if it were in the past tense.

But then again, he does give a specific time, so maybe the fml was submitted before the interview.

148- thats what im trying to say.

168- yes, that makes sense. all im trying to say is that it couldve been written yesterday or today. or any day really.

bbaabobulz 3

umm he was talk as if it was when he woke up!!

you guys need to relax

rocketeer sure likes to argue over insignificant bs. it happened. point blank. who cares when.

marissakmnn 0

well maybe he posted it that night? -__-

Lynne2 0

your right! I wrote basically the same comment without noticing you have also said this.

but he said I have the interview in an hour not had

nimihyel 4

ever heard of make-up remover?

CateXOX 0

Maybe, but being a dude, OP probably doesn't keep a bottle handy.

ImThePope 2

We are guys, not make up artists.

or does he..?

I'm a guy and keep make-up remover. I like making myself beautiful and then before anyone can see, take it off.

It probably wasn't his make-up either but if there is make-up around, it wouldn't be absurd for there to be make-up remover around.

Jvr91 8

14 well if "being a dude" and having makeup in the first place might as well have the remover.

PrincessesCrown 17

it was prob cheap little girl make-up that smears when you try to take it off. My neighbors did my nails with cheap stuff and it took forever to take off because it kept smearing

JeterArmy 0

hes a guy i highly doubt hes heard of it

samadams42 0

your picture is my screen saver lol

jrgr 6

I used to do the same to my dad when I was younger :)

I have never seen so many failed attempts at submitting fml's...

pretty sad that's the only thing you noticed, not that she was pretty or even staying on the topic of the fml.

minktheshrink 0

123 - I know a user (fml not drugs... well idk about drugs) who has over 100 failed. anyone know who I'm thinking of?

pomplemussy 0

I did that to my uncle once when he got drunk. we shamed him into quitting(: At least she cares about your appearance.

alex6946 10

why don't you use makeup remover and nail polish remover? it simplifies things.

I know, right?

FuckYourLifexD 0

he's a guy and guys dnt carry that or buy that for them selves -_-

ikr i was thinkin the same thing

ipooprainbows 0

then why does he have nail polish and makeup?

Being a man, OP may not know much about makeup.

damn. that would suck goin to a job interview lookin like a drag queen

CateXOX 0

Or just smear the fecal matter all over your face. It will probably take all eyes off your poofter makeup, which to be honest, we know you enjoy wearing.

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lmaoatall 6

79, you should know by now your not allowed to post lmfao or lol, for some reason I can't figure. you got a thumbs down. I reversed it for you. now continue laughing at will.

98 I have no mercy I have them a thumbs down ps lol