By bachelor - 26/09/2009 18:15 - United States

Today, was my bachelor party. The only people that showed up were my best man and my father. FML
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Sooo...invite some strippers. They're more fun than dude friends anyway.


Holy Crud... That must really suck. Are you sure there was no mistake on the invitations??

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Are the best man and the father the same person? But look on the bright side, more strippers for you.

Honestly you're not going to have friends soon anyway.

omg, that is really sad. i feel so sorry for you OP. i hope you had fun anyway!

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awwwwww that's sad OP. I would have come but I'd probably have to be the stripper or something. :D jkk

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On the bright side, I'd say you should be truly grateful you found a woman who wants to marry you!

This will probably b me at my bachelors party.. on my birthday that just passed, I ate dinner alone at a restaurant then came home and passed out because I had no one to celebrate with lol

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Man, that suckss. But like 'deliapearl' said," more strippers for u " (;

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Probably better if you didn't have a party at all. You probably already knew you didn't have that many friends to begin with. I'm going to YDI this one.

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I think he meant, he thought he had friends and turns out he didn't have any. OP: Did no one call you? Because if no one did, I might call BS. I mean, you can't be the worst douchebag in the world for everyone to stand you up. Right? RIGHT?

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Save your future wife the embarrassment and call off the wedding too