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By  DSaturn  |  16

He wouldn't pay for yours???

  evan_7899  |  28

Maybe this FML would be more #1's speed if it read. Today, my dad did not buy me a plane ticket. FML The issue is clearly ststed and to the point. No semi complex reading involved.

By  ZY1431  |  24

he should of paid for both.

By  citlali06  |  14

That's terrible! I hope he ends up buying you a ticket! If he doesn't that's not fair!!

  Tymaster5  |  22

Well I know you're probably thinking sexual but another way maybe favouritism.

By  Rainhawk94  |  27

Dad of the year goes to....

  BobbieH  |  17

You're assuming he didn't prioritize the plane ticket. Just because you are related does not mean you have any relationship. The sister getting married could have wanted her friend to attend and relieved her sister couldn't make it.

By  Welshite  |  39

I know I'm going to get downvoted into oblivion, but to the people saying the Dad should have purchased tickets for both, I have to disagree. While it wasn't right what the dad did, he is under no obligation to purchase ANY ticket if he so chooses. I'm sorry you didn't make the wedding, OP. Financial problems suck.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

well clearly in this case he chose to pay for his daughter's friend's ticket.

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

18 your logic makes me question whether or not you were unconditionally loved as child.

  DavidKnows  |  11

Yep. Sounds like the sister specifically ASKED Dad for this favor. If Dad is "involved" w this friend, he wouldn't be foolish enough to draw attention to the affair.

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