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  BatemanFML  |  0

Let's be honest people. He probably didn't start dating her for her brains. She has to have a nice rack or something. Not trying to stereotype, because there are two different kinds of beautiful women. There are those who prove that looks don't mean anything by succeeding using their brains. Then there are those who fuck their way to the top. OP's girlfriend just seems to be the latter.

  BatemanFML  |  0

130- yeah, I couldn't really help it there. I had one of those "how to say something and try not to look like an ass, yet still be an ass about it" moments.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Kids started trying to immigrate them and hit their heads to the point where they forgot 1st grade geometry. So now cartoons show how fun it is to never leave the house without wearing a helmet. :D hurray for dumb kids!

  Inheritance  |  10

If she got her license with that intelligence I'm amazed..

Question 1: how many sides does a yield sign have? *picture diagram*

A) 3
B) 3
C) 3
D) 8

Ops answer; D (8 sides)

  Enslaved  |  36

#24 Happens to me too. I've gotten expressions mixed up also.
Ex: My mind wants to say, "Sharp as a whip"! Instead of either-- "Quick as a whip or. . .sharp as a tack." I must have a hidden kinky side. :P