By Anonymous - 19/08/2012 05:51 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I got into an argument with my girlfriend over how many sides a triangle has. I actually ended up drawing her a diagram. FML
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someone's clearly not smarter than a 5th grader...

21- I don't know where you're going with that, but you really should re-stock your joke repertoir.

65 - I think that they were implying OP's girlfriend is so stupid that she must be a young child. Either way, still not funny.

OP never did say he was right. The FML could be that he went all the way to draw a diagram and he was WRONG. XD. It could go either way.

78- There are definitely people who are that stupid, it's quite sad.

"But what about the corners! They count as sides!"

Let's be honest people. He probably didn't start dating her for her brains. She has to have a nice rack or something. Not trying to stereotype, because there are two different kinds of beautiful women. There are those who prove that looks don't mean anything by succeeding using their brains. Then there are those who **** their way to the top. OP's girlfriend just seems to be the latter.

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No you're all wrong. OP is just a pedophile.

I'm genuinely curious how many sides she thought a triangle should have.

and im guessing you didnt meet in college

130- yeah, I couldn't really help it there. I had one of those "how to say something and try not to look like an ass, yet still be an ass about it" moments.

I would have told the Original Poster to make her look up the word, "Tri." Tri means three and he would have never had to draw it for her.

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Ever stop to think that maybe she was thinking 3D?

Hey well if at first you don't succeed, tri and tri again! No? Anybody? :(

Girls these days bypass school based on looks and shortcuts.

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Oh dear lord. What has the world come to...

ArielTheMermaid 17

Your girlfriend doesn't seem to be the brightest......I hope you still love her though

StupidBunnies 10

Even if she was. What's the fun in dating someone if they're dumb as a plank? You're going to have to hold a conversation with her eventually. :P

94- You apparently never watched Ed Edd n Eddy. Plank was a very intelligent individual.

Run!!!!!! Zombie apocalypse is here!!! No one has brains anymore! Quick! Hide behind your stupid friends.

StupidBunnies 10

Aha i remember that show, my applogies Plank, dumb as a board**

StupidBunnies 10

I appologise to Plank. That was out of order, I should have said "dumb as a board". Man I havent seen that show in years. What happened to good cartoons?

Kids started trying to immigrate them and hit their heads to the point where they forgot 1st grade geometry. So now cartoons show how fun it is to never leave the house without wearing a helmet. :D hurray for dumb kids!

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Lies!^ triangle is another word for a circle.

Inheritance 10

If she got her license with that intelligence I'm amazed.. Question 1: how many sides does a yield sign have? *picture diagram* A) 3 B) 3 C) 3 D) 8 Ops answer; D (8 sides)

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I like triangles... They're triangular. ;3

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And there was me thinking they were square…

Maybe she thought it was hip to be a square, and triangles want to be hip, so logic denotes that triangles have at least four sides. MINDFUCK.

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i just couldnt thumb this up because the number of thumbs was 333

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It might be safe to say that your GF isn't the smartest crayon in the box then

missyj0 12

lol. Brightest crayon in the box*.

I don't think it's about being the brightest crayon either. All the colours are fine. It's about having the sharpest crayon in my opinion.

LO388 7

She isn't the sharpest acute angle.

She's obtuse. And as per FML custom, I must apologize for my pun. So sorry.

#24 Happens to me too. I've gotten expressions mixed up also. Ex: My mind wants to say, "Sharp as a whip"! Instead of either-- "Quick as a whip or. . .sharp as a tack." I must have a hidden kinky side. :P

55-Has E.L. James taken her toll on you?

Wow! Feel bad for you, maybe you should have learning dates with her.

Ugh the comment's been changed. I make no sense being here now :(

Learning dates? That sounds boring as ****.

I like learning dates. Museums and science centers are awesome.

Now the big question here is how many sides she thought a "TRI"-angle had...

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Look I'm sure she tri-ed to guess and is now very con-tri-te, perhaps she should be rewarded with a tri-fle before causing anymore s-tri-fe.

43- the Seal of Approval approves of your comment.

Maybe she said three and OP drew a rectangle. Every now and again I like to believe we get the FML from the wrong point of view.

I'm pretty sure you learn all this kind of stuff in preschool. Just saying

perdix 29

Clearly, you showed her that a triangle has two sides: an inside and an outside. QED.