By Shame - 19/09/2012 20:22 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my girlfriend had a bitch fit at me because I laughed at her idea of getting the Cullen family tree tattooed on her back. FML
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gabbiechaoss 5

If she does, you can forget about doing it doggystyle. Instant mood killer.


Just be glad she didn't mention her plan to get Justin Bieber's face on her thigh and a "YOLO" tramp stamp.

She just wants to branch off and explore her artistic side lol.

theten_fml 9

Sue her!!! Oh wait no suing in this FML? Sorry too quick on the trigger.

What's worse than having a exes name stuck on your body? I'm pretty sure a "Cullen tree" tat is. I'd rather have a dick tattoo.

4everblackjack 10

1- Oh, I spot Psy.. Op-Op-Op-Op Oppa Gangnam Style!

I once asked someone about swag and they claimed it was their individual look and persona. I responded by saying, "so you're being an individual and having swag by being like everybody else and dressing and talking the same? Wouldn't that mean that I (I am a metal head with band t-shirts) have more swag than you?" they looked at me dumbfounded and then brushed it off that they were more original than me. I had 100 people in my grade and rarely had a band shirt on anybody had ever heard of before...the conversation didn't end well for him...he related his story to the deep lyrics of lil Wayne...*snort* sorry, couldn't keep a straight face!

I would have gathered my stuff and left

beccaishereyay 11

I think everyone would have laughed thinking its a joke. Then been weirded out finding out she's serious.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

She is a catch. Now let her ass go.

Catch... As in like catching the flu, or some other virus?

gabbiechaoss 5

If she does, you can forget about doing it doggystyle. Instant mood killer.

I showed my friend this FML. He said "I'd rather get the entire English monarchy's family tree on my back." He's Irish.

I'd rather get "Loyal to the crown" on my back. And I'm Thomas Jefferson.

I'd rather have a confederate flag, and I'm Abraham Lincoln

SenselessPattern 12

I'd rather get a "Judas BFFs 4 life!" and I'm Jesus.

SenselessPattern 12

Shit. Well, I'm off to the executioner. To make it up to everyone's braincells for reading that, you can choose between submerging me slowly into a vat of acid, forcing me to watch Spiderman 3, or sending my soul to Oblivion.

If she wants you to read twilight to her before bed time she's to young for you bro . Lol

Kallian_fml 21

If she were 8 it wouldn't bother me as much. Sadly, I'll assume she's at least a teenager, obviously one that has allowed the irreversible cancer of stupidity to affect her entire body. This generation makes me sad...

Ask her if she would get tattooed glitter to match as well. Actually, better yet, don't. That would probably give her the idea to do it.

I don't understand....did you not break up with her?! Why not?

I moderated a FML where the guy said he broke up with a girl for getting a Cullen family tree tattooed on her back. Wondering of this is the same guy?

Because a stupid tattoo that you don't like would be a stupid reason to actually break it off with someone! Inless it's of an Ex gf/bf...

If the whole tree is tattooed on her back, it'd have to be rather big to show any real detail, even if it's just a relatively few… erm, relatives. I imagine she'd want portraits of everyone and not just names, pretty leaves on the branches and everything. If that be the case, it would definitely be a valid reason to break it off. Again, I'm speculating, here.

I moderated a FML that said a guy broke up with his girlfriend for getting the Cullen family tree tattooed on her back. Wondering if this is the same guy?

Wow. #3 hahaha you made my day that's funny.

rocketpopper1030 11

I wanna see that tattoo after she turns 85

Her "family tree" will look more like a weeping willow.

zero91 4

dont let her do that . be firm about it

Because her boyfriend has authority over her actions. Seriously. Everyone else might think it's stupid, but ultimately it's her body and she can do what she wants to it.