By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Manchester
Today, I was playing Draw Something with my girlfriend, when I decided to start a game with some other people. She immediately accused me of "cheating" on her, and still refuses to talk to me. FML
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By  jem970  |  19

Wow she is insecure, go to her house(if you can). Have a talk with her and explain that just because you are drawing pretty pictures with another person doesnt mean you are cheating.

  Jenn50  |  19

That's not "every little thing". That's an insecure twit who assumes that contact with other people is cheating. If she goes nutsy over that, what kind of relationship is it? People like that need to grow up before being in a relationship.

  jem970  |  19

How do you know he hasn't cheated on her before and she got over it but is still insecure about it? You don't know and yes this is a little thing. People get insecure. I am so sure you are the perfect girlfriend and never ever do anything wrong. Right.

  not_a_robot  |  15

Or, bare with me here, he could draw them both making up and then they live happily ever after once he proposes because he realises how much that they love each other because the girlfriend was just pregnant and very hormonal and paranoid and then once they are old and happy one of them contracts a deadly virus because in the future the president is a combination of Castro and Mussollini and they don't have free healthcare or any healthcare since once we annexed mexico and canada we didn't have it in the budget to support 800 million people on healthcare so instead all of the medicine in the western hemisphere is grape kool aid so the wife dies and the husband vows to fulfill their dream so he fills his chimney with balloons and flies it to the top of a mountain but discovers that their was a kid on his porch and then he finds a talking dog and giant colorful ostrich who likes chocolate and discovers that their is an evil man with an army of talking dogs trying to capture the bird so epic battle epic battle epic battle and then the old man ends up becoming the father figure for the chubby boy in his porch. Irl "Up".

By  olpally  |  32

Really?? Come on. Your girlfriend is very immature and insecure. When she accuses you of cheating, more than likely, she probably is hiding something from you, just a guess. :/

  ohjoy15  |  33

It sounds to me like she wants the relationship to end, and is just looking for excuses to get out of it. I highly doubt anybody is actually pathetic enough to get upset over something like this, but I've been wrong before.

  ohjoy15  |  33

This is the first comment of yours I've seen that's been thumbed up.

Seems like you've finally dusted off all those cobwebs on your neocortex. It's all up from here mate. I'm happy for you.

By  kawaiisakura  |  12

Sounds similar to my ex in a way...he got pissed at me if I played that game or other games with anybody other than him...I say break up because from my experience, it doesn't get better. They get worse -.-

  kawaiisakura  |  12

Lets just say this: he thought he owned me in a way. With the games, I'd play the game with him but also other people and when he found out? It either ended up with us fighting and me "not caring about us" or kinda how it was with OP: he'd ignore me and then try banning me from playing with others -.-

By  TheNewGuy03  |  28

You should give her the "O RLY" face and accuse her of cheating, because nothing says love like a good old-fashioned blame game, right?

If this is how she gets over a game, then just imagine what any other situation will look like. Run. You're dating a child.