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  IWishIWasObama  |  12

sorry I ended mid-sentence, my boss called and I meant to hit the answer button but I hit the validate and then the answer so I couldn't edit it after the conversation. you take the ends with the frosting still on and make a quadruple stuffed oreo!

  TheBelt  |  19

No no no you've got it all wrong. First you have to open the package, then you have to take the frosting from all the oreos and put it in a bow, after the all the frosting is in a bowl put it in a microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds. then when the frosting Is all melted, take your oreo and dip it in the frosting and enjoy.

  be82tw  |  17

Heretics! Everyone knows that the only right way to eat an oreo is to dip the whole cookie halfway in milk and eat the portion that has been reduced to delicious soggy chocolate and frosting pudding!


Lol #29, nice thought, but I tried it and for some reason it wasn't as good as expected!! Oreos are always great though.. I'm just gonna stick with the classic milk-dip.

  Firn  |  8

I don't think they did.. It's a topic that will be argued over forever!

Also by the way I love your profile pic. JackSepticEye is the BEST!

By  abNormal62  |  23

Methodology isn't the issue here. Attention to details however is key here. At the table or in the bedroom? Dears vs undressed? Come on people use your imagination!!!