By Anonymous / Friday 25 April 2014 21:21 / United States - Marlboro
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  Stazza11  |  27

Nice to know you think your daughter is an idiot OP, obviously you didn't spend some quality time with her teaching her the basics. So shame on you.

  zen1979  |  16

Regardless, op should definately keep the child-safety covers on all the electricity outlets in the house for a few more years. Just to be safe.

  zen1979  |  16

Autocorrect. It's a curse lol. Idiot seems a bit harsh tho, anger issues? Waging a war on spelling errors where ever they may rear their ugly head?

  kaablam  |  17

So you're telling me autocorrect changed definitely to definately? I don't believe you! And even if that were the case, it means that you have spelled it improperly more times than not.

By  MyFamilyIsInsane  |  12

This is why people think Americans are stupid. #swag #yolo #cray

  XxNightwingxX  |  20

Of course that's true, but Canadian's and several European countries' citizens stereotype about Americans is that we aren't that bright. It does mostly have to do with the average person's poor geography skills, especially among Europeans. I've ask around.

  kozzard  |  17

Grades don't reflect how much you know about the subject, just how well you can parrot back what the teacher said on the tests. I saw so many fellow students repeat without understanding

  cjlerch  |  29

Finally someone who gets that! Grades and intellect are not the same. A while back, I had a classmate with straight A's ask if China was in Europe. They just show how well the students can remember what the teacher says.