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Fucking double standard

How dare you use her words against her!


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How? Please expound. Don't dish out what you can't take, right?

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Honestly I think it depends on the subject. If OP's ex sounded bitchy, and he repeated it to show her what she said; I see no reason why she can't be reasonable and apologize. Both sides here are immature, that is one point I'll agree with.

Girls low blow every fight, but their boyfriends don't go around breaking up with them afterwards

ThatOneChick856 36

How do you know he was doing it to be an ass? Maybe he was doing it to make a point to her. The argument could've even been about how nasty she is to him and he was saying those things so he could've been like "I'll bet you didn't even noticed that everything I said has come out of your mouth towards me before" afterwards.

Don't you think it was a low blow when she said it? He stuck it out with her after that. It's not his fault that she thinks it's ok that only she can talk crap. I think he's better for getting rid of that train wreck of a mentality.

he might have been asking for it,or she might have been being a bitch. it's impossible to know without knowing the context or tone in which either one was said.

Don't you know to always let the girl win lol. Anyways YDI because any girl is going to get pissed if you use her words against her. But it sounds like it'd be pretty funny

Fucking double standard

I do the same thing with my gf, only thing is she realizes how retarded she's been sounding

she's a keeper.

Same with my bf.

If she can't deal with it she probably shouldn't have dished it out in the first place.

How dare you use her words against her!

Hypocrite. Some people don't even realise what they're saying until it's said back to them :/

Exactly. Hypocrites are my pet peeve, if she treated OP like that, OP needed a new girlfriend anyway.

I know you are, but what am I?

Haha, this was at the top of every elementary schooler's list of comebacks. I remember I said that all the time thinking I was so smart and clever.

And then at the top of the list of middle school comebacks "No you are" and "Your mom"

You needed to find someone else anyways.

Rookie mistake, always agree with your girlfriend, even if they are completely insane.

Yes, live your life being a pushover. That'll end in a happy, fulfilling and longlasting marriage.

#9 I would rather be blunt and happy living the single life than a miserable push-over in a relationship. Be glad OP, you dodge a bullet. If she can dish it out, she can take it.

Blunt and happy. You won't be happy as a 40 year old bachelor everyone deems as their loser friend. Anyway OP sorry to hear this. Next time, try "yes dear". Yes it is unfair. Is it fair that you have an orgasm and she gets pregnant? No. Life isn't fair. Letting her win in some petty argument doesn't mean you're a pushover. It means you are above her hormonal mood swings or general pettiness. You have to pick your battles OP. Good luck with the next one.

ThatOneChick856 36

#41- You do realize that the "Id rather be..." when making a choice between two ultimatums doesn't mean that the person's choice is their top choice overall, don't you? Not to mention that there are plenty of people in the world who just aren't interested in having any romantic relationships and never will be. Single =/= loser. Yeah, life isn't fair. That's why the bitch- I mean, girlfriend- better learn real fast that this means "shit, I can't react to everything the way I want by constantly insulting people and being an asshole". Allowing her to always believe that because you're too afraid of her stupid toddler tantrums DOES make you a pushover. And that stupid pregnancy example- he gets an orgasm, she gets pregnant. Then they both are responsible and it balances out. Or she gets an abortion and she doesn't legally have to consult him (or even inform him of it) at all, even if he ended up wanted the kid, which would be unfair to him. Either way, it has jack shit to do with the situation at hand.

There are so many problems with your comment, 41, I don't even know where to start.... Edit-- thanks, 47.

Oh and don't forget that women have far more custody rights than men in spite of mothers not always being the right parent to raise the child. And if your man doesn't make you orgasm, communicate with him, maturely of course. Faking an orgasm to just get it over and done with isn't good sex for either party. Foreplay and work your way up you both having an orgasm. Ffa, 41 you sound so bitter and disalusioned. Maybe if you didn't have such a black and white, backwards grasp on everything you'd be more happy. Just because you carry a child for 9 months doesn't mean a man should spend a lifetime submitting to his wife's pettiness.

Wouldn't the inequality in orgasms actually be that women can have multiple while men can only have one?

@62 Men can have multiple orgasms if they can be bothered to train themselves to. All the information you'll ever need is out there on Google.

I can orgasm multiple times.

Dont you know that you cant win arguments with girlfriend