By Anonymous - 18/11/2012 12:13 - United States - Brooklyn
Today, after I spent two hours trying to teach my girlfriend to play sudoku, she broke up with me, tearfully claiming that I'd made up a fake, imaginary game to make her feel stupid. FML
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By  satanic_fml  |  13

YDI for making up a game

  SirCharles83  |  13

38- Maybe OP is just a horrible teacher. She's probably a moron but there is a chance he was doing a horrible job explaining it, thus confusing her. Any relationship that ended over sudoku was not going to last much longer any ways.

  Muffin_boo  |  12

Don't feel bad op. I can't play sudoku either lol. I'm not good with math and it gets sort of confusing. Just go apologize to her and explain yourself.. Maybe she'll forgive you!

  CoDHater  |  9

*looks at 89s comment*

Why exactly are you saying that there is a special place in hell just for him because of his username? Or are you talking about the first commenter on this FML?

  sens3sfailing  |  24

118- the game is a game of not thinking about the game. If you think about the game, you lose the game and are forced by the game rules to say or shout, I prefer shout because I like being a troll with the game, that you lost the game, making everyone else within earshot...oh and by the way, everyone is playing the game, so saying you are not playing is not a valid excuse because you are all now playing! And how to win the game is made up from place to place, but you never can actually win

  Levvy  |  22

Wow, FML attached this to completely the wrong comment for some reason. This system can be awfully strange sometimes. Self-deleted.

  sdh715  |  6

Just because you can't play sudoku doesn't mean you're stupid. I suck at it and I'm not dumb. The fact that she thought he made it up however does show that she is pretty clueless.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Being good at sudoku may not automatically mean you're smart but not understanding how one even works after 2 hours DOES mean you're dumb. You don't have to like it or be good at it but it's not hard to understand how it works, assuming OP started her with easy ones.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

sudoku are easier for people with brains geared toward math, like me. I am no genious and I know people who are far smarter than me who just don't think well in numbers who are not that good at them. being smart does not mean you are good with numbers. my mom is an english teacher with a masters degree, she can do sudoku well at the age of almost 50 and playing them for years, while I was better at them than her a year after she taught me to play. she is obviously smart enough to understand them, but she is smart in a different way than I am.