By Anonymous - 18/11/2012 12:13 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, after I spent two hours trying to teach my girlfriend to play sudoku, she broke up with me, tearfully claiming that I'd made up a fake, imaginary game to make her feel stupid. FML
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every1luvsboners 11

You should teach her how to play Hide the Sausage.


Oh and my comment was a reply to 1, I know 9 wasn't kidding, I actually agree with their comment

I don't think 1's kidding - We can now murder the subject. FOR SCIENCE!

Someone here hasn't been paying attention much.

"No, honey. I don't need to make up a game to do that..."

X_Codes 11

@27 - Exactly. If she can't figure out an easy Sudoku puzzle, then she IS stupid.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

For stuck up people who take the internet to seriously this was sarcasm

It's okay OP, I couldn't play that game to save my life! You'll find someone better.

38- Maybe OP is just a horrible teacher. She's probably a moron but there is a chance he was doing a horrible job explaining it, thus confusing her. Any relationship that ended over sudoku was not going to last much longer any ways.

It's nice to know you agree with yourself, willsmithjr.

43- I think you've got confused: OP's girlfriend was the one who couldn't do the sudoku.

*Looks at 77's user name* There's a special place in the fiery pits of hell reserved for people like you.

caplox 6

Obviously it's sarcasm, idiots.

27, who is this "him" on your about me? O.o just curious ha

*shouts "I LOST THE GAME"* I blame you too 89...but only slightly.

Don't feel bad op. I can't play sudoku either lol. I'm not good with math and it gets sort of confusing. Just go apologize to her and explain yourself.. Maybe she'll forgive you!

111- maybe re read the FML? OP knows how to play sudoku, just not how to teach how it is played.

*looks at 89s comment* Why exactly are you saying that there is a special place in hell just for him because of his username? Or are you talking about the first commenter on this FML?

118 is obviously not familiar with the game.

118- the game is a game of not thinking about the game. If you think about the game, you lose the game and are forced by the game rules to say or shout, I prefer shout because I like being a troll with the game, that you lost the game, making everyone else within earshot...oh and by the way, everyone is playing the game, so saying you are not playing is not a valid excuse because you are all now playing! And how to win the game is made up from place to place, but you never can actually win

Wow, FML attached this to completely the wrong comment for some reason. This system can be awfully strange sometimes. Self-deleted.

Op just let her go? He didn't like go on the internet and show her it exists?

Are you ******* kidding me? You cannot be SERIOUS right now!

every1luvsboners 11

You should teach her how to play Hide the Sausage.

Knowing from the FML, she would probably take that too literal...

every1luvsboners 11
toenibbler 14

The toilet you took that out on must have taken a beating because you've been gone for ages.

Although you must admit, Sudoku games are hard to explain to another person without getting them confused. Sometimes, they have to play the game themself to understand it.

tjv3 10

OP you should have stopped about 10 minutes into it. "Sometimes even though you win you lose"

I'm trying to teach mine to play this, it's not going well :(

68: Personally, I use the FML app more when I'm on the toilet.

alexhaz64 4

After the first hour, I would think you would've realized she wasn't the brightest bulb...

Being good at Sudoku doesn't mean your smart. I know lots of smart people that suck at it. And I'm good at it, and I'm definitely not a genius.

Steve95401 49

Sudoku is not that difficult. OP spent about an hour and 45 minutes longer than he should have teaching his dimbulb ex how to solve the puzzle

sdh715 6

Just because you can't play sudoku doesn't mean you're stupid. I suck at it and I'm not dumb. The fact that she thought he made it up however does show that she is pretty clueless.

ruabadfishtoo 0

8, I'm sorry but it's :you're. I had to do it

Being good at sudoku may not automatically mean you're smart but not understanding how one even works after 2 hours DOES mean you're dumb. You don't have to like it or be good at it but it's not hard to understand how it works, assuming OP started her with easy ones.

gmc_blossom 21

Oops, I meant to say 38, not 37. Please excuse my moment of stupidity.

saIty 17

However, nothing says confidence like playing Sudoku with a pen.

sudoku are easier for people with brains geared toward math, like me. I am no genious and I know people who are far smarter than me who just don't think well in numbers who are not that good at them. being smart does not mean you are good with numbers. my mom is an english teacher with a masters degree, she can do sudoku well at the age of almost 50 and playing them for years, while I was better at them than her a year after she taught me to play. she is obviously smart enough to understand them, but she is smart in a different way than I am.

Dead_Fox 17

Your mom is an English teacher? I can see her years of instruction have been wasted on you.

I know what it is, I just don't have the patience to play it.

astralvagan 20

I know a few people who didn't know what it was.... But those people also don't believe in anything made after 1985

Even if you don't know what it is, I don't think it's a very complex game to learn. I wonder why OPs now ex had such trouble with it.

It's a number puzzle game 1 thur 9 and in each row, column, and the 9 3x3 box's the numbers can not repeat


I do know of it i just have never taken the time to learn it tbh

Squirrel1256 15

FYL, it's not your fault that she isn't capable of trying to learn something new.

You don't have to make her feel stupid, I think she's stupid enough already.

florido_fml 10

If shes stupid enough to not know sudoku is a real game then she should feel stupid.

Maybe she's not that stupid. She probably wanted to try something else then the "it's not you, it's me" routine.

Sudoku isn't even hard. The rules are really straightforward.

Okay, if sudoku isn't easy and it's not hard. Does that mean its medium?

It's all three. It depends on the difficulty of the sudoku.

It can be hard to solve, but it's easy to understand.

I meant that it isn't hard to understand. Should've made that clear.

If she is that petty, to break up with you over a GAME, then you are better off without her.

Look as long you get break up sex it should be all fine right?