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Today, I found out that my wife is pregnant again. During her last two pregnancies, she craved pop-tarts and screamed bloody murder at the drop of a hat, so I went out and bought a box for her. Turns out that this time, pop-tarts make her want to puke. Cue screaming. FML
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That's common sense I would think..... Each pregnancy is different..

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**** that man, OP was just tryin to be a good husband and take care of his wife. It was a nice gesture, just the wrong one.

21, are you saying the falcon punch is common sense or her craving of different things? I hope you were talking about the falcon punch

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OP that's rough... Try ear plugs?

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Poptarts are my favorite thing when im drunk...

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Common sense or not that was very sweet of him. Shows he appreciates and pays attention to her wants and needs. Sounds like she's a little ungrateful though..

71 - the post never says she was ungrateful, she could have been excited when she saw them and thanked him..and then puked

You know what, nevermind..that's highly unlikely. Pregnant women are crazy and rude.

Them hormones make them crazy. Trust me.

This is why I think women are ungrateful. Even though I am a girl. I'm awaiting all the thumbs down from chicks :)

No thumbs down from this chick 104...personally I think that is so super sweet and hormones or not, control your shit women! You don't have to act like a psyco and give all us other ones a bad name

randomkayx3 - Trust me, you'll be getting them from men, too. Just wait until you get pregnant and can't control yourself because of the cocktail of hormones that are raging through you.

No. I know. I've had a pregnant mum and my sister is pregnant right now. I just think overall. Girls always want more. They're never satisfied

And I think what OP did was sweet. The FML makes her seem like she was mad because he got her poptarts.

desireev 17

While I agree that there are some things a pregnant woman can control, there are many things that she cannot control. My cravings for things changed so many times while I was pregnant. Sometimes, I would break down and bawl over food that was brought to me. You will never understand until you get pregnant...

This might be a lot of thumbs downs but I ******* hate Falcon Punch jokes about pregnancy. "Oh sure! Let's just kill your kid!! Hahaha so ******* funny man!" How is that even humour? **** if your dad did that to your mom you wouldn't be alive.

Hey look on the brightside, at least in 9 months your gonna have a little bundle of joy! ;)

This is kind of the Internet... nobody likes those jokes but you sort of just label the person as in idiot in your head and move on.

I like the falcon punch jokes, they make me think of captain falcon (during the N64 era), which then makes me all fluffy inside. Although I don't think the joke should be made about pregnant women...

you deserve it for getting her pregnant...AGAIN

Couldn't you make your own thread instead of trying to reply to the top comments just to get to the top?

Making to much sense isn't her strong suit I suppose.

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You can control yourself perfectly well the vast majority of the time. Some women just see pregnancy as an excuse to be demanding, needy, fussy and rude.

And some women are nicer during pregnancy. Granted, they were usually holy terrors before...

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199 - op didn't say he didn't want to have another child.

245 - What the hell is wrong with you? Yea I said it but I didnt think it was funny. Someone was bound to say it so I took the oppurtunity to say it first so this fml wouldnt be pro-abortion in the comments.

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#105: dude, pregnant women cannot control their emotions. Emotions are rooted in biological reactions, and the hormones are flying when women are pregnant. That's like telling a depressed person to just be happy, it's not physically going to happen.

That would probably make me want to react the same way as well--but if they aren't open can't u just return then?

Avoriginies_fml_fml 14

#2, I think he is more upset about the screaming he will have to deal with rather than the pop tarts.

AAAND because it's not worth returning a few boxes of pop tarts....

I can see what #2 is getting at here. OP can return the unopened boxes and use that money to get what his wife is craving for this pregnancy.

It is not being a spelling nazi when someone does not even take the time to type out you. Especially since the letters are pretty close together on most keyboards.

desireev 17

As long as you get the message, then spelling isn't a big deal. When you have to use all of your brain power to understand spelling 'lykee dis$', then spelling Nazis are completely and totally allowed to unleash.

148 why is it when i try to say that i get buried, but you say pretty much the same thing you get props? :(

desireev 17

I'm not sure.. I'm not trying to attack you or anything, but I've seen you try to correct someones grammar before while using not-so-good spelling. And then you say what I just said as a defense when people get you for correcting grammar. And I always try to come about it in the most polite way that I can think of. I'm not sure.. But that's just a guess. Like I said before, no offense at all! :)

Yea... I see this going how it did last time... But let me give an example of what i was trying to say "lets go eat, grandpa" vs "lets go eat grandpa" Grammer can save a life. But yea if you know what the word is without straining, mission acomplished. Grammer throws people off more than spelling most of the time

Plus i hear you, you're trying to be polite while correcting somebody on the internet (one of the rare ones) and in a logical manner (you know, instead of going apeshit about it while completly missing the point) for that, i thank you. :)

Maybe it's because you spell "yeah" and "yea" and don't capitalize your i's.

Thank you! At least someone gets it! I was mainly thinking of the financial aspects.

MissHayleyJames 7

...and you spell grammar, grammer...

RochelleRedvines 8

Especially strawberry with sprinkles. God it's been so long

Aw hells no. Ice cream sundae is where it's at.

I don't care how many people dislike this comment but I don't understand how they are good they are cheap crust like bread and nasty ass frosting an sprinkles with gross filling the only one I would have to say that would be semi good is regular strawberry all the others are barf worthy

81- How dare you insult poptarts like that! They are most definitely delicious.

81- if we ever meet.. My pop tarts will haunt you for life.

Everybody has different tastes buds... And mine perfer the cookies & cream kind :)

I didn't think Poptarts could start a debate. Apparently, I was wrong.

Chixken 6

The blueberry muffin kind is the best!!!!?

Oasispetro1 4

The only thing that compares to pop tarts are toaster strudels... I love both

desireev 17

The s'mores kind is amazing!! :) OM-NOM-NOM!!!

krystal298 1

112- i love how your picture goes with your comment :D

They are delicious... But not as delicious as a tasty Redvine! What the hell can't they do?!

^ Implying that 112's comment was too much for my mind to comprehend. I fear that kind of cereal was not meant to be discovered by mortals.

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181 If you are in fact serious, a catch 22 is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If he gets pop tarts she pukes. If he doesn't she gets mad and yells. No matter what he does he's screwed. That's a catch 22.If you are referencing the reply I got nothing I don't get it either.

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I believe the man is also guilty of some screwing, no?

Yep. Women go through different cravings with each pregnancy, sometimes different side effects. Example: with my first pregnancy I craved hot wings like crazy, with my second the smell of them makes me gag. Some women have morning sickness with one pregnancy but not the other.

well it's the guys fault for getting you knocked up in the first place!!

If she's been pregnant before, don't you think that maybe they're bonded and actually want to have children? No one accidentally gets someone pregnant 3 times. (Debatable)

thenoobftw 3

May we all pray for his poor soul.

I'm sure she's not enjoying it anymore than you, OP.

Yep. In nine months, there'll be an annoying crying child too. Mercy.

SignUpisntcool 3

Stuff her under the mattress. And for the people who thumb down this comment because she's pregnant and it will hurt hurt her baby, I wasn't being serious.

SignUpisntcool 3

Sorry for the second " hurt.". *Her.

MickGold 8

Bitches be trippin'! ...Especially when they're pregnant.

it's ur fault for getting us knocked up in the first place!

rpc3029 0

Yer the 1 thts s'posed to use them birth control pills

MickGold 8

127- I don't get anyone knocked up. I'm female.

It takes 2 to tango... Do i need to post this on every comment involving the blaming game?

Take it like a man. You're the one who knocked her up... Hopefully.

Or just "take it". Why does his gender need to be involved? But I do agree with what you're saying. :)

The 'like a man' bit in the sentence is nesscasiary. If some one was to give advice and they say just take it it will make no sense at all. Or will lead to many awkward situations. Its not being gender based at all. My lady friends say it to other women all the time.

i know it's probably not completely her fault but damn at least you're trying man! she should appreciate that. at least you get the pop tarts to yourself. just have something to drink with it, i swear those things completely dry out your mouth instantly

Do you realize how much hormones affect people, especially raging pregnancy hormones? For a lot of women there's just no controlling it.

Da_Bauss435 8

He should just buy her strudels

that's why i said it's not completely her fault