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Lice to see you too

Well, time to invest in some lice-be-gone shampoo.


Lice to see you too

Sounds like an itchy situation.

it must get crabby if he scratches his beard and then scratches lower

I'm scratching my head wondering where these bad puns went wrong. ;)

I blame Newcastle ;)

Well, time to invest in some lice-be-gone shampoo.

\ 28

"You think I'm a dirty old man? How dare you insult me!"

Good thing lice prefer clean hair!

And get him a bottle for his birthday or christmas.

We are family it's ok to share ;)

There's soon to be a happy family of lice in her hair

What's for dinner? Well the main course is grandpa's beard with a side of lice.

What a lovely idea! Maybe for dessert we can have lice cream! Strawberry or Chocolate? You don't want ice cream? Maybe some key lice pie...

\ 28

Maybe Grandpa stores snacks in his beard. One of my friend's fathers does that and he attracted roaches

I'll have some lice cream for dessert please!

this is one of the times it's ok to push a grandpa

Oh no.. You should let him know.. Don't forget to stop by walgreen before u get home to be on the safe side...

I can't imagine not telling my grandfather he has lice.

Yeah but how the hell is that conversation gonna go??

Take him to the side and just tell him. I think he'd wanna know so he can do something about it.

Just smack him with the shampoo

I wish I could thumb you way that sounds wrong lol

or tell him to wash his beard with vinegar

That's horrifying. Beloved family or not, I wouldn't have let him come close to me with lice in his beard.

congratulations, you got crabs now.

ViviMage 38

Head lice and pubic lice are not the same critter!!

No, but head lice are happy to take up residence down there! But I doubt OP's gramps went down on her anytime recently.

If you have head crabs you've got much bigger problems....