By baddormgirl - 19/02/2009 05:22 - United States

Today, I walked through my college dorm and a freshman was watching some overly dramatic show on her laptop. I smiled and asked if it was a new episode of 'Gossip Girl.' She was on a video chat with her boyfriend. They were about to break up. FML
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buffalobuffalo 0

or the fact that she was replying??


buffalobuffalo 0

or the fact that she was replying??

Many people talk to the screen when watching TV/series... Making comments about what's going on, cursing the characters out... Maybe that's what got O.P. confused.

red_apples 0

What?! You don't cry on a Gossip Girl episode.

I'd ask that even moreso if I knew it was a video chat, just to be an ass. Sorry guys.

the_jaebyrd 0

lol I can only imagine how well that went over...

well whether its BS or not... THis is a rebound situation.... get in there and show ur manhood....

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If you can't tell 'Gossip Girl' from real life, you may have problems. ;D

That sucks you probably had to be there for her. Hopefully it wasn't to bad for you. You didn't deserve a mess.

i second #10 that chick is a dumb ass