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Today, with the most certainty and confidence that I have ever seen in her, my 16-year-old daughter told me an egg is a fruit because of its "hard shell and growing seed." FML
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If eggs are fruit, can bacon be a green leafy vegetable? Then I can eat healthy.

Well, I guess I can tell the doctor I get plenty of fruit in my diet.


Pomegranates, the outside is hard and the part you eat is the seeds. So actually a few fruits have a hard outer shell.

Coconut-yes. Pomegranate-not even close to an egg. It's very dense, but not hard like an egg shell

MonstreBelle 28

The botanical definition for nuts is a one-seeded fruit with a hard shell

Damn shes smart and old seniors tell us this generation is screwed

Again, watermelon also doesn't have the same type of hard shell as an egg. It has a rind, not a shell.

@stryder9090 - The question was not what kind of fruit is like an egg, the question was what kind of fruit has a hard outer shell. Pomegranates and Watermelon, do both have a hard (harder) outer part that you aren't really supposed to eat. Shell- 1. the hard protective outer case of a mollusk or crustacean. 2. something resembling or likened to a shell because of its shape or its function as an outer case. It is that second definition most of us are using, in case you are still confused.

"Resembling or likened" to a shell still doesn't sound like an actual shell. It's "like" a shell. Not a shell.

Well, I guess I can tell the doctor I get plenty of fruit in my diet.

vaguenotvogue 13

Don't let his daughter make you a fruit salad..

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rdenkewicz 11

There are so many things wrong with this answer. I wouldn't even know how to begin correcting her.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Maybe ask her what she thinks classifies as vegetables, and then work down from there.

I don't EGGspect a FRUITful future for her education. I'll see myself out.

why did you have to emphasize the pun? we all knew eggxactly what you meant.

just in case a person doesn't understand it quite really along with confusing eggs as fruits

whoops mistake quite a common mistake not quite really

The saying is, 'That's the way the cookie crumbles.' Cookies aren't a fruit either (despite my fervent wishes).

You must be a complete imbecile. It's a pun. Nobody gets it.

But puns are supposed to be funny...and make sense.

Well, they are supposed to make sense. Not all of them are funny.

i think it would make sense if it was "that is how the egg is scrambled" or something better than that

andrmac 25

Well you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

olpally 32

Well, she's gonna learn today that isn't the case.

Logic and common sense is not something a lot of kids have nowadays...

Kids have always been lacking in common sense and logic. It's kind of their thing. That's why we, as a society, decided they need school. It's the adults who are lacking common sense and logic that scare me :)

they just have better drugs then we had growing up.

actually its your generation that thats at fault for not teaching children that stuff

itwasntme14 19

At least you taught her to be confident...good luck with the fruit and egg thing though.

Well, today we've learned that egg:fruit::tomato:vegetable.

Good grief. A tomato is a vegetable AND a fruit. Vegetable- an edible part of a plant. Fruit- the flowering part of a plant that is edible. ALL FRUITS ARE VEGATABLES. Eggs are considered dairy or meat.

That's not right. A fruit is a seed bearing structure developed in the ovary of a flowering plant. Vegetables are the other non-seed bearing parts developed outside of the ovary such as roots, leaves, and stems. So by no definition are all fruits considered vegetables.

So what I'm getting out of all of this is that ketchup is a smoothie?! Vegetable #2: the edible part of such a plant, as the tuber of the potato. Fruit #3: the edible part of a plant developed from a flower, with any accessory tissues, as the peach, mulberry, or banana. By my cited definition all fruits are considered vegetables.

smoothies14, I must say, I've never encountered anyone so passionate about the distinction (or lack thereof) between fruits and vegetables.

Dictionaries tend to have very simplified definitions, and don't include every bit of information and every fact gathered by scientists. The general population doesn't need to know all the little details of what makes a fruit a fruit and a vegetable a vegetable, so isn't going to put pages of information up when simple sentences can give you a general, but imprecise, idea.

Scientifically vegetables are the leaves, stems, or roots of a plant. A fruit is any nutrient packed fleshy part of the plant that carries and protects the seeds usually formed from the reproductive organs of the plant.

I Think they lost the whole idea of what the comment was originally made not lack of common sense for the misunderstanding of fruits and vegetables . But pure stupidity

Apparently many people don't understand analogies... You know, the things you learned in 5th grade. Written out, egg:fruit::tomato:vegetable means egg is to fruit as tomato is vegetable. And egg is not an egg as a tomato is not a vegetable.

To #57, an egg is an egg. Sorry, I just had to point that out. We all knew what you meant though, or I hope we all did other than I wouldn't expect the original poster's daughter to understand.