By lvegadelgado_6 - 10/08/2015 14:32 - United States - Deerfield

Today, while I was doing my hair, my grandpa walked in, dropped his pants, and started taking a crap in the toilet right next to me. FML
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If he didn't he probably would've shat his pants. Want to clean that up instead?

Grandparents have no humility...


Grandparents have no humility...

The older you get, the less you worry about what others think of your actions. At least, that's what my aging mother has said.

#25 u are totally right, I am living this everyday with my grandma whom I live with. Honestly, at first it was so awkward for me and I believed I could change her manners. After all, I realized that I won't and I just try to follow the waves the best way I can! And actually things became much easier to handle and we are living more fun together , even people( stranger basically) are comprehensive towards her ways!

The complete lack of fucks given by old people is inspiring.

He probably thought nothing of it!

Thats something you dont see everyday

fumanshu 9

At least you're family!

Family is family lol.

at least he's comfortable with you

Unsure if that's a good thing.

Gross the say the least

Being senile has its perks

Who said he was senile? Maybe he really had to go and was sick of waiting for her to finish up. Women do tend to take a long time doing their hair and stuff.

Hunkapoo 19

My grandma does this, she's not senile. I think these kinds of things tend to mean less to people the older they get

Should have added a smiley face or something #7 now everyone thinks you were actually serious lol ^-^

If he didn't he probably would've shat his pants. Want to clean that up instead?

How dare you do your hair when he clearly needs to shit! xD

Maybe you were taking too long, and he needed to go or go on the floor.