By eww. - 22/03/2013 05:28 - Australia

Today, I kissed my gorgeous new boyfriend for the first time. I ran my hands through his hair; a multitude of dandruff rained out and five lice crawled onto my hand. FML
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That's damnruff (horrible pun over)


Barf... That's disgusting!

beddington 7

Sounds like the perfect opportunity /excuse to shower together.

420Zombie 17

I agree with you 70... if op is down to get naked with a walking infestation

RedPillSucks 31

Lord knows what kind of genital lice/crabs he has

I would get him to cut his hair short to get rid if the lice/ dandruff. Then he could grow it out again, this time being more hygienic.

As a hairdresser, it's highly unlikely that they 'crawled' onto your hand. They don't just fall out of your head when touched, otherwise it'd be really easy to get rid of them

160, what if he had like... a swarm of them? D: can they fall out then?

royalsgrl 14

You can be hygienic and get lice!!! They can jump from head to head

Tashadawn1186 4

165- lice can NOT jump.

kathii01 20

160 Actually as a nurse, if he has a lot of hair, and a lot of lice, then it is possible for them to crawl on her hand.

Actually, I had a pretty bad case of head lice once and they fell out of my hair easily. If you have enough of them, they can.

Yes they can...

Actually if one is infested with them and your hand is in that person's hair, then yes lice can crawl or fall into your hand...

Dandruff and lice control shampoo will make for a good present (;

countryrose92 23

Time for the first shower together!!

I wouldn't be showering with him until that lice was gone!

YDI for picking a boyfriend because of looks

Can you spell break-up haha

I think there are bigger things to leave someone for than that. Those are easy fixes...not a personality flaw or not getting along ect. If you break up with someone over small crap like that you're in for a long lonely life.

enormouselephant 15

Yes I can! B-R-E-A-K--U-P. Gosh, no body else here could do that?!

euphoricness 28

I CAN TOO! B-R-A-K-E-U-P! Oh wait...

perdix 29

#66, pretty close, but there should be three hyphens between the K and the U, the middle one representing the hyphen itself, and one to the right and the left to separate it from the adjoining letters. Am I aggravating, or what? Irregardless, I'm literally right.

Is irregardless a valid word? It negates its own negative. I can be annoying too. (kisses)

rachaelb07 6

Really #30?! If his hair is in that kind of shape, think of what his balls must be like. Yuck!

101 - just because he has dandruff and lice on his head it does not mean he has dandruff and lice on his balls. I'm sure everyone has suffered dandruff on their head at some point in their lives butt personally I've never had it down there...

Schizomaniac 24

Congratulations on identifying part of the joke, 96.

rachaelb07 6

109, I see your point. Dandruff isn't necessarily something you can control, but lice definitely is. My point was that if he was allowing lice to be where people could see them, what is he doing to the areas no one can see?

No, read it again...LICE!

That's damnruff (horrible pun over)

Lice of you to still kiss him though!

And that was-Oh Dammit! #44 stole my joke :(

enormouselephant 15

7- it's going to be a damn ruff time for you if you don't at least quote me in your profile for stealing my bio! You itch!

Thats "nit" good it would really "tick" me off. See what i did? :D

420Zombie 17

I saw what you did... I was just unimpressed

68, I actually saw it on someone elses bio believe out or not.

acerima 11

We'll I know what you're getting him for Christmas.

RedPillSucks 31

I bet she will give him that gift for a closer holiday, like Easter.

dyehardxen 19

The apostrophe in "well" threw me off.

theannak 7

Shoot, I'd say screw the holiday and tell him I just felt like being nice.

Maybe an event will come up sooner where she has to by him a gift

Roskosity 22

That would bug me.

Pun intended?:) well done.

The fact that he seems to have not known or done anything about it..!? Based on the fact OP didn't know, and wasn't informed. Leads me to believe, you should probably let this one go...

but...but...why?! He's just so gorgeous!!! Gorgeous beats dandruff and lice any day!!! Lol

sugarshane007 20

At least one of those radioactive buggers didn't bite you. I mean, who really wants to be Lice-Girl?