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Today, I was cuddling my new boyfriend, when he went in to kiss me for the first time. Sadly, I reflexively kneed him in the balls. FML
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Redoxx_fml 22

How do you have that as a reflex?

Rule 34 dictates that some guys are into that! You might be lucky, OP!


Rule 34 dictates that some guys are into that! You might be lucky, OP!

Redoxx_fml 22


\ 28

Hmm... it's known as "Ballbusting" and the guys don't seem to enjoy it that much...

michaelaranda 28

yeah, I dont think ops new bf appreciated this. its an fml after all.

**** his life, not yours!

Its kinfa hot though

Regardless if OPs boyfriend liked it or not, there ARE guys out there that do. I actually got a message from some perv on here a while ago asking if I would kick his balls if he payed me $50.

Awh no I made a typo. And that is really creepy. Just like any other turn on or kink-you're going to have weirdos creeping up on people.

54, I'm grossed out on your behalf, but sadly, I'm not surprised. I made my comment in jest, but I have seen certain...websites devoted to the genre of **** and ball torture, enough that I'm sure there's an audience interested in re-enacting the contents IRL. -___-

Llama_Face89 33

54- did you do it? Getting paid to crush a creeps balls sounds pretty rewarding tbh.

@ 63: Not when they like it. I actually regularly tell people who threaten to hit me that I might like it, to deter them from hitting me.

\ 28

Guys with serious foot fetishes are more likely to be into it, tho...

Rule 34 states that if it exists, there is **** of it. Nothing to do with nut-shots.

Which means, 81, that there is nut-shot ****, which means by extension that there are guys (and gals, but we all know who watches more ****) who are into it!

I don't think this falls under rule 34. Try again.

#65 You're a ******* genius I never thought of that!

Redoxx_fml 22

How do you have that as a reflex?

Has OP been abused in the past? This sounds like a serious issue.

Whoa whoa. A reflex does not mean she was abused in the past. What does my leg twitching mean?

SilverInGray 25

That was my first thought. That's a pretty serious reflex, not just a twitch or jerk. It doesn't mean she was, but it's a possibility.

So if the doctor hits your knee with the little hammer and you reflex, does that mean abuse as well?

SilverInGray 25

There's a difference between hitting a tendon or muscle or whatever and your leg moving, and you moving it yourself. They're different types of reflexes.

I used to be so fascinated when the doctor hit my knee and it moved.

She must be Hit-Girl!

#2 from watching too much bad anime.

Well, it's not a first kiss that he'll forget soon.

Today, I finally got the balls to kiss my new girlfriend. As I went in, she kneed me in the balls. FML

Those balls must be defective, but he can return them at the Ball Factory under the 30 day warranty. He might even get bouncy balls as a replacement.

# 22 Today, I attempted to personify myself as OP's boyfriend. It didn't work. FML

Yeah, I screwed that one up. Sorry guys.

Too much excitement!

I feel bad for OP's boyfriend. Imagine when they do it for the first keep that eulogy ready.

when she says NO it means NO

He will not try that again... Well he might. .

JMichael 25

How does someone trying to kiss you give you the reflex to knee someone's gonads?

beautifulsoul89 11

I think that question most definitely deserve an answer!!!!

#16: Aliens. It's always the aliens' fault.

Welshite you're so stupid. You can't even tell the difference between aliens and the Illuminati!

What if they're the same?

illuminati my friend.

Hey, he might be into that shit. Love hurts.

So, the kiss-kick-to-the-balls reflex? New to me.

Yes, its proven to be a very effective form of birth control.

\ 28

It was her first kiss, she probably was incredibly nervous, and she didn't know how to properly react...

lots of guys are into that haha maybe he'll think it was hot?

After he stops rolling on the floor.

Not sure if I'd say lots of guys are into it. But I know what you mean haha.

this isn't the BME Pain Olympics, I dunno any guy into their nuts getting mangled

What kind of guys are you in touch with?

Chellybelly92 14

How can that be your first response?

She lives in Auckland... There are a lot of assholes in Auckland...