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By Anonymous - 10/06/2014 02:14 - United States - Richmond

Today, I realized how bad my sex life is when I scratched a mosquito bite and almost had an orgasm. FML
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Where did it bite you and how long did you scratch?

That mosquito really got your blood flowing.


Where did it bite you and how long did you scratch?

EphMi 5

why "almost"? what stopped you from taking it all the way?

The original fml said that she did have a orgasm at her granddads birthday party

kristabelli 19

I don't really understand this FML... If something simple like that gives you an orgasm, wouldn't that mean you have a crazy high sex drive??

cryssycakesx3 22

at least the actual bite didn't give you an orgasm...

kristabelli 19

Well they changed the word "drive" to "life" so it makes a bit more sense now... but I think OP should have changed the word "low" as well. (Maybe to something like "sad" or "pathetic" heh.)

#64: You know, cuz a mosquito penetrated her?

You're blessed OP.

That mosquito really got your blood flowing.

incoherentrmblr 21


Scratching a mosquito bite really does feel good.

so good that you get an orgasm???

Animekid126 13

Especially when the puss flows out

that's what you get for touching pimples (;¬_¬)

Lmaoo if your a guy that's fucked up

It says OP is female next to her name..

badluckalex 23

why would gender matter anyways?

7, I also can't tell the gender since I'm on the Windows Phone app. Based on only anonymous, I would have made the same assumption.

I know about that. It's just that, at the time when the original comment of this train was posted and me replying to it, the symbol was not there at the time. Now I see it, so it must have updated. Oh well, takes time I guess.

no, itsalanis, you're just wrong.

I can't tell gender on the mobile version on the doesn't even show the OP's name.

Depends on how you touched it, if you know what I mean

Someone's got a biting fetish!

Scratching a mosquito bite feels good, but killing a mosquito feels even better.

If she would have killed the mosquito then scratched the bite, this FML would have "finished" a little differently.

That is a completely inappropriate use of the phrase "low sex drive".

badluckalex 23

I think op means sex 'life' instead of drive?

Because I would think that if someone had a "low sex drive", then touching them self (even in a non-sexual way) wouldn't have an orgasmic effect.

Oh, ok. Now I see what you mean. Makes more sense now.

I can't believe it took nine commenters to notice that.

cryssycakesx3 22

thanks 9. it was bothering me too.

I miss the old one, it was funny for two reasons b

gemstone586 12

I feel betrayed that fmls are edited... :(

sexyboi1985 27

Far out ! There's no hope.

Low sex drive means you don't want to have sex. Maybe you mean you've had very little sexual contact?

WinterBlue42 22

That is probably what the OP meant. Either way, FYL to the OP.