By wtf - 10/01/2014 16:47 - United States - Delmar

Today, my grandpa took my face in both hands, kissed me on the lips, said "Now you can tell all your friends you've had your first kiss," and walked out of the room. FML
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Family members don't count.

You can tell your friends, but I think you'd rather forget that happening. Sorry it's kinda funny OP :P


Family members don't count.

my mom says they count!

Incest, the game the whole family can play.

Aside from the fact that the kiss was given from grandpa it was a sweet gesture...

it does if the OP was kissing back :o

It sounds like a sweet gesture -- but the fact that he took her face in both hands... euggh

#37 No, it wasn't. It was creepy.

thecman25 14

im guessing that you had experience?

You can tell your friends, but I think you'd rather forget that happening. Sorry it's kinda funny OP :P

Hopefully it was meant in an endearing way, and not anything else!

This would be even weirder if op is a guy

I think it's more disturbing than funny...

wow. . . what could you possibly say to that. . . thanks Gramps?

If you are going to make annoying animal noises, make sure you're accurate. It's "squawk".

Doesn't matter; got kissed.

She just got kissed by her family member on the lips. It does matter.

I was playing off the "doesn't matter; had sex" joke. Thus, it's a joke.

I don't think OP enjoyed it if it's on FML.

Gross! You need to work out if you need to tell someone. Was it humour or just wrong?

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Either way, it's wrong... no one should randomly just kiss you like that, even if they are a family member.

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I Love that grandpa, and did you enjoy it?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Ew why would you ask that

That is weird and disgusting of him, FYL indeed.

perdix 29

Did he slip you some tongue?

Nope but she got a little bit of denture

Oh ya, just the thought of tasting polygrip gives me a hard on

McNikk 15

You should've pushed him away!

Sock Grandpa right in his dentures !