By Anonymous - 04/01/2014 21:31 - Ireland

Today, I've had my tenth "Christmas" dinner since Christmas last took place. My mum has gone nuts and keeps playing Christmas music, making these dinners, and refusing to let me take down the Christmas decorations. My dad is too whipped to save us from this hell. FML
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wow, mum is really in the Christmas spirit, I see...well, it'd be nice if she passed out a few gifts while she's at it :)


I also feel like this small detail is being a bit overlooked...

Almost as scary as the radio stations that start 24/7 Christmas music at the beginning of November D:

It's only the 4th of January, still early to finish up with all the Christmas decorations and spirit :) I'm still enjoying Christmas =)

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My Christmas decorations are still up, but that's only because I'm a professional procrastinator.

Well 36 is Irish... this fml originates from Ireland... Inspector Budgie solves yet another mystery!

I don't know about the OP but there are plenty of people that still celebrate until January 6th. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (Epiphany) This is the 10th day. Hopefully the OP only has two more left.

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Almost right 43. Christmas ends on the 5th in Ireland.

My family takes the Christmas tree down about 3 weeks after Christmas. My parents say it's because they love Christmas so much that they never want it to end but I think they are just procrastinaters.

#62 - Well my family are too lazy to take a tree down so it's Christmas all year round. It's been up since 2012.

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#36 cant be Op's mom because he said his dad wont save him from the hell meaning hIs mom and dad are living together meaning they are married and her "title" on there is miss

Get drunk and you won't remember any of it. You also have the possibility of completely ending it!

Or just not caring/remembering that it isn't Christmas anymore..

I also agree with the notion of alcohol. OP I will bring you some so that the deed may be done.

wow, mum is really in the Christmas spirit, I see...well, it'd be nice if she passed out a few gifts while she's at it :)

At least the craziness would be somewhat worth it, then, right? haha

See everyone on this not from Ireland will think she's crazy and that your dad is a coward! But fear not us fellow Irish citizens feel your pain! The Irish mammy is a force that isn't matched by anything else in ths world! A force so big that an Irish mammy could take over the world by just letting out a shout!

You took the words right out of my mouth! I came here just to comment on that same thing!

Everyone knows that Irish mommys* are from America. (Are Irish moms really that fierce?)

why would you do that? if it's mammy in Ireland, stfu and don't correct it, idiot. and it'd be 'mommies' anyway. idiot.

Christmas all year? I'd rather have Halloween all year.

Oh yeah I bet you would you cereal killer. I'm not gonna allow to go and murder any of the Fruit Loops or Reese's Puffs. Not this time...

Girls in provocative costumes year round would be really awesome

#54 - some of them already do that. they're called hookers, and they come out every know...for trick or treat...

I think someone's mom may have drank a little too much eggnog

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;)

oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, nobody is as nuts as sheeee