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By Anonymous - 18/10/2019 00:02

Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend that yes, girls do get armpit hair, we just have to shave it. FML
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turnabouttrial 21

wait till you have to tell him girls also have to poop.

Actually you don't HAVE to shave, society makes us shamed into shaving... (Yes I shave)...


turnabouttrial 21

wait till you have to tell him girls also have to poop.

Except girls have bathrooms they don't have armpit hair. I was 17 before I realized that girls grew armpit hair too because no one tells us guys that women shave their armpits. It's not like girls were giving us the details of their grooming habits nor that we were asking. Women don't typically grow facial hair either so there was precedent for women not growing hair in places that guys do. It's not unreasonable to see girls never having armpit hair and come to the conclusion that like beards it's just something they don't have.

PenguinPal3017 19

Never saw Home Alone growing up? Must be a boomer.

Actually you don't HAVE to shave, society makes us shamed into shaving... (Yes I shave)...

EmDizzle2007 28

society never gave a shit. razor companies wanted more money, so they started aiming at women.

Originally yes but like diamond rings for engagement rings it's become so ingrained in our culture that people will treat you like a garbage person if you don't adhere to decades old marketing.

Y’all must be incredibly young or from an area that has crappy sex education

Probably both I too was from a school district that sex ED was very minimal, like there was barely anything beyond explaining that their is 2 sex's we weren't even taught anything beyond women have a period and men don't, that was literally it, I learned the most about women from my first gf and female BFF 🙄 American education for ya

Not at all, I had the same conversation with a 23 year old, regularly educated college student - he had just never come across the image of a woman sporting armpit hair lmao And probably never gave it a second thought, either I mean, women shave their naked armpits in razor commercials, don't you dare show a single actual hair on a lady! How, as a German, he missed Nena and her famous pit hair in the music video to '99 Luftballons', I don't know.

I think most men just don’t bother learning anything about the female body 🤷‍♀️ that’s how they miss everything - they just don’t care enough

bobsanction 18

Nobody is making you, you choose to do it.

Well... is it a choice if that’s what you’re told you should do before you even have armpit hair? 🤷‍♀️ or just having the knowledge that if you don’t shave and that happens to show in a picture or video, you risk getting publicly shamed?

Nhayaa 21

You don't have to. You choose to. Different concept.

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

I shave my armpit hair and I'm a guy, i wonder if he knows that you don't have a d*ck

Makes sense. You also don't have a beard and mustache but it's not because you shave them away. From a guy's POV as long as he's never seen a girl with armpit hair then he's going to mentally pair it with the fact she can't grow facial hair unless told otherwise. You were the one to tell him otherwise. I didn't know until I was 17 and I worked with a girl that doesn't believe in shaving. It was mind bending. There are a lot of things like that where based on what we're perceiving we assume it's a certain way and no one bothers correcting those notions but then acts shocked when we state them.

Sonotsuave 34

Yes but to be fair no rule in society ever explicitly stated that it’s upon the individual to correct other individuals regarding such rules. People have to learn that shit for themselves

PenguinPal3017 19

Women have armpits?! Since when?!