By captainuniverse - 14/05/2016 05:53 - United States - Nashville

Today, my girlfriend told me she was pregnant. She also said I'm going to be an uncle. FML
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Look at the bright side, your brother's in for a few fun conversations.


Look at the bright side, your brother's in for a few fun conversations.

Swandive235 27

I hope he maims his brother (in a loving way of course).

Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...... Fuck. Run away, man. Run far away.

I will be because of your profile picture, Jesus, that scary stuff gives me chills

Now I want to change my picture to and start commenting on every FML.

pussy_crusher 7

Hey, you lucked out! You're getting away from an awful cheater, and you don't have to raise a child! Go enjoy your freedom and find someone worthy of spending your life with.

tounces7 27

This of course assumes she is smart enough to actually be sure who the father is.

She said the father is OP's brother.

that's what she said but #52 is insinuating that she might be wrong and OP is actually the father. he's basically calling her dumb and pointing out a worst case scenario

Mortoli 30

i would leave her no need for cheaters especially when she cheated with a relative. it sucks and honestly it gets worse when family is on the relatives side. so tell her to f off and mooch off your brother. lol.

SmittyJA24 26

Wow, this gives the folks down at the lab a bit of a challenge when they do the DNA testing. Unless she wasn't "your" girlfriend at all....

The only way they would have a hard time is if they were identical twins. Otherwise their DNA is enough different there is no issue.

Hello brother. Fuck you. Oh by the way I broke up with my girlfriend.

I think OP's girlfriend already ****** his brother enough...

NoThanks999 19


Ouch. I'm sorry you got betrayed double. On the bright side, you don't have to raise a child that isn't yours. At least she was honest? Better late than never?

RedCronos 17

That's just terrible. Honestly, that's very disrespectful too.

dietcoke09 25

That was the biggest plot twist... Run for the hills. Wish you all the best of luck in the future..

That's when you try to believe it's a dream and want to wake up. The worst stabs are those who come from the closest.. I hope you find better people that deserve you op.