By MrFerret - 06/05/2011 03:41

Today, it's my birthday, and my present is that my mom is coming over to see me so that she can borrow three hundred dollars. FML
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Best present EVARRR. That's the price you gotta pay for putting her naughty spot in a world of pain. :)

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Best present EVARRR. That's the price you gotta pay for putting her naughty spot in a world of pain. :)

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LMAO!!!!!!! I can't decide if that's a win or not....but it was funny...

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well his mom was any like mine she would not have felt it lol

You're calling your mother a big hole? I wouldn't hand THAT on a card for mothers day..

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its my birthday too!!! happy birthday!

happy birthday OP & 95, it's also my birthday :)

Don't whine, at least she came to see you.

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I love my mommy :) and would definitely help her out whenever she would need

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#2 I hope your joking every mother should see their child AT LEAST weekly

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my mum tried to take money from me once, I told her she would have to work for it. long story short that's how I got my extension built

No-one finds your comments funny. Please rethink your strategy to get likes.

congrats you just made it to the top of my "must kill list". I hope you're happy.

you know, legally he's allowed to call the police

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6 are u that stupid to make death threats on the internet? u mu have a deprived childhood.

Please just stop you are tuning family guy for everyone because even the viewers have the logic to know he only uses Internet for ****. Please gtfo FML and do that since you seem to idolize him so much.

dude shut up... no one likes a firestarter as for OP, sucks to be you (srs) but birthdays are relatively unimportant anyways. i didnt celebrate my 18th

all I have to say to that ilazy, is firefox is shit and Internet explorer is way better lol

All I have to say is the similarity between you and Peter griffin is the lack of IQ.

you missed our rugged good looks and our awesomeness? i count 3 similarities :)

Our? Nah you're just a wannabe. So I guess you're a 200kg man with a ********-shaped chin and is stupid enough to drink diesel as a replacement for red bull thinking it is fuel for your body?

stupid? you mean ingenious! i can get 1 litre of diesel for $1 but only 350ml of redbull for $3. yes my liver will take a hit but hey that's why I pay for health insurance.

I love how with that statement you actively called yourself idiotic

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no wonder all ur insurance agents bailed on u. sad man.

Now I know your full of it firefox is shit and Internet explorer is way better in what universe lol .

STFU about Firefox. Firefox is hot and IE's not, Troll. IE doesn't do shit but get viruses and loads too slowly. Get a life, you loser.

81: taking Internet commentary too seriously.

I loath you with every fiber of my being

Aww :( Other than that, I hope you have a wonderful birthday :)

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you are such a sweetheart

wow your mom sucks - I hate it when parents do that

Your mom spent way more than $300 for your caprices when you were a child. Payback time.

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that is stupid. nobody asks to be born. if they didn't want to pay for that stuff, they should've worn a dicksock. I'm a mom, and I will never ask my child for money.

Yes, you're right. Make sure you buy him PS3 with a 46" flat HDTV when he asks for on his 6th birthday, a Wii for his 7th, an expensive car for his 16th, college money and so on. Later on you never know what life can bring. Few years ago many people lost their retirement money, or God forbid any medical condition it may occur, etc. Kids will be the first where you will go for help. Trust me for that. It happened to me with my parents and I was proud to help them.

She could be dead tomorrow for all you know so be grateful she's visiting.

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Well if the only reason she's visiting is to mooch off her own son, then OP is not being ungrateful, he's being logical.

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mon is mom. u did right thing if u gave her money. she gave u much more than 300.

you don't owe your parents anything, they are supposed to raise you without being a drain on your hard earned resources in life