By MrFerret / Friday 6 May 2011 03:41 /
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  iLazy  |  0

Please just stop you are tuning family guy for everyone because even the viewers have the logic to know he only uses Internet for porn. Please gtfo FML and do that since you seem to idolize him so much.

  iLazy  |  0

Our? Nah you're just a wannabe. So I guess you're a 200kg man with a testicle-shaped chin and is stupid enough to drink diesel as a replacement for red bull thinking it is fuel for your body?

  emariebake  |  0

that is stupid. nobody asks to be born. if they didn't want to pay for that stuff, they should've worn a dicksock. I'm a mom, and I will never ask my child for money.

  dreamering  |  16

Yes, you're right. Make sure you buy him PS3 with a 46" flat HDTV when he asks for on his 6th birthday, a Wii for his 7th, an expensive car for his 16th, college money and so on.

Later on you never know what life can bring. Few years ago many people lost their retirement money, or God forbid any medical condition it may occur, etc.
Kids will be the first where you will go for help. Trust me for that. It happened to me with my parents and I was proud to help them.

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