By lynn777 - 04/04/2011 20:42 - Canada

Today, I was walking home through the slush and snow when a car drove by, soaking me with dirty water. Frustrated, I flipped him off. He then turned around and splashed me again. FML
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At least you didn't flick him off a second time...

No, what was rude was the ******** who splashed him in the first place


Sunshinify_fml 0

At least you didn't flick him off a second time...

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that would have been the best decision to make!

I think you mean "flip him off," but nice try.

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no OP needs to flip him off a second time using both hands, that'll get the message through...

Naomi, since when do you dictate how people say it? To flick someone off means the same thing. Even if it didn't, you did not need to correct it. You understood what they meant obviously. Way to be a bitch about it. Well, nice try at the least.

I think u should be grammar teacher^

I was thinking the same thing! She's rude.

Seems to be alot of dumbasses on here SMH lol

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In this fml I would think of the term "when in doubt, whip it out"

Well Julia, my comment started out as a joke, good to know you have a sense of humor. All I did was point out a phrase mistake like someone saying "a whole nother" or "all of the sudden." But seeing as I began my comment with "I think," I wouldn't really dictating anyone even if I wasn't joking, I would be voicing my opinion which is what the comment section is for just like you have every right to think Im a bitch for saying that. Kinda hypocritical though after you just did the same thing to me though, huh?

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But then you add "nice try." That right there = BITCH!!! Ive heard it called flicked him off, flipping the bird, flip him off, giving the middle finger, fluck for all I care etc. That was a bitch move.

190, that doesn't sound as "started as a joke." Stop being a bitch. Just because you don't say flick off doesn't mean other people don't.

you need to work on your jokes then... just voicing my opinion.

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190 I'm flicking you off right now.

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lol grammar police. pathetic.

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227, grammar police, I believe you meant grammar Nazi. Nice try though. ;) (I jest)

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frelling win. but you should say JK or LAWLZ. not jest. I think. joking obviously

giving the finger, flipping the bird, bird is the word, big bird is the bird, therefore big bird enjoys a good finger

I think Naomi and Julia should scrap it out. this comments probably going to get moderated ahh.

I liked it better last year when there were no grammar Nazis, or bitch fights or anything shitty in the comments section, but then again, it adds some more fun to FML I guess.

190 Good thing you are not a comedian.

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190- Whats wrong with saying "all of the sudden?" I know most of the time it's "all of a sudden," but I have had heard it the other way. I guess it all depends where your from and/or how you were raised. But here you go again....

I got 32's joke. everyone else is just being rude and dumb

227 I like that (I jest) it's one of favorite words to hear :)

nobody has a sense of humor anymore. all of you people are way too sensitive about a little thing like that. if you ask me, you sensitive people are the bitches.

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loool that is so mean but hilarious at the same time. at least it was water, not mud

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yeah, but it was dirty water. kinda same-difference...

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I'd rather it be mud. I love mud


181- Stfu.. it isn't kinky until you have a threesome and there is mud involved.

Well it looks like you have some experience (avatar lol)

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No, what was rude was the ******** who splashed him in the first place

That dick head that splashed him in the first place can't help that there is slush on the ground. I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose.

But how can you be sure? The driver could have been feeling like a dick and seized the opportunity. But meh, we'll never know.

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Yea he didn't do it on purpose but he has such short of a temper that he'll turn around and do it again from just being flipped off. Blame Canada.

I agree with 12. I would have definitely splashed her for flipping me off then laugh at her in the rear view mirror as I drove away!

um it is his/her fault bc the driver could have slowed down to not cause a splash... the driver was rude.. I would have done the same thing except not stand in the same place to get splashed again

Maybe there was slush all around and no matter what speed you went, you would get splashed? It's not their fault. It was rude for them to flip the car driver off. They deserved it the second time.

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I bet if you got splashed you would flip the driver off too.

you guys are dumb OP derserved it. you dont flip people off. you could have some baked lunatic with a shotgun blow your head off. u never know who ur pissin off

No, if someone splashed me with their car, I wouldn't flip them off. That's not classy. I'd be mad, but there's no need for it. That's not doing anything besides making you look like an ass, and pissing people off.

i wouldn't be mad. i'd just try to blow their car up, that's all. nothing too extreme. |the kid|

How bout we go splash you while your walking down the street with all that makeup and see what you do about it ha.

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you deserve it, well, maybe not the first splash by, but definantley the second. what the hell were you thinking provokeing a person with the power at his finger tips, and capable of doing it again. I would have rooster tailed your ass