By scarredforlife - 16/06/2013 23:27 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, in public, a homeless guy looked me in the eyes and started wanking. FML
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expertsmilee 26

Staring contest with a twist it would seem


Or stay and let the man finish. You're attractive enough to wank to, embrace it.

chanta24 10

Really, it's a compliment to your looks

I would have wanked right back! How rude of you

I can't help but wonder what would happen if you started a wank-war with a homeless man.. Would it become an epic struggle, with people forming a ring of a crowd, entranced by the surreal situation? What would the challenger even do? Take it too far?Could the hobo suddenly become disgusted at your 'head' on approach? And what would your mother say?

Thank you 36. Best laugh all day ;)

ise3 10

Or it could be the start of a porno

expertsmilee 26

Staring contest with a twist it would seem

I would be more awkward if OP was a man.

therealafroninga 10
Grauncho 27

Turn around and give him something to stare at while he finishes? I like your style.

Grauncho 27

We got a real ******* comedian over here, ladies and gentlemen.

hugozac88 22
Grauncho 27

Gosh, are you sure about that?

Nasty would be OP getting his/her self off also..... A race to the finish. Seriously, you know you can stop staring and walk away right?

meekthekit 6

At least he didn't start crying and run away.

Then ask him why did he not break up with you before the trip?

this is a TERRIBLE previous FML reference.

I don't think it's a reference... just commented on the wrong post

Grauncho 27

And you didn't help a brotha out? Rude.

That's what I'm saying. Some people need to let go of fear and learn to replace it with better, happier emotions. For instance, OP could've been flattered instead.

All a part of the new clothing the homeless initiative, jack-it for a jacket!

tj5810 21

Whack-it for Jackets. Tugs for shrugs. Wanks for tanks.

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