By Lifefail887 - 04/07/2017 18:30

Today, after buying a new pair of prescription glasses, I went to the beach. The ocean now has a new pair of glasses. FML
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Sorry, but I cannot help wondering just who goes into water wearing glasses?


Sorry, but I cannot help wondering just who goes into water wearing glasses?

OP had prescription glasses, meaning they can't see without them ;)

yeah i wear prescription glasses and you dont wear them in chlorine or salt water as that can and will damage them, regardless of this simple dumb mistake like trusting your ears to hold against any wave.

And? I have prescription glasses but I don't wear them when I go swimming. If you want to swim and see, get prescription swim goggles.

I do but only if I'm not gonna be doing anything more than walking in it but if I swim at a pool I wear them. or when I shower sometimes.

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If you're dipping your feet in the water. I generally don't go swimming in pools or the ocean with my glasses but I'm also not completely blind.

People like me, who can't see without them lol. I have gone swimming in pools more than once wearing my glasses :P

Why would you do that? Was it your first pair? If not, you deserved.

Even with my first pair I was super cautious. Either way I'm always cautious with my glasses because those things cost a fortune.

I also had prescription glasses, so I know how expensive they can be and that sucks, but ydi because 1. You shouldn't have gone into deep water with them. 2. a simple glasses strap would've kept them from falling off. at least you learned for next time right?

Ocean now waving at you!! Thanks I can sea!!!

That's dumb! What are the chances that the ocean has the same prescription as you? Duh!

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you know for like $3 or so they make these little strings that you can put on your glasses when you go out into water so that if they get dislodged from your face the string will keep it from escaping and more often then not you just gotta pick them up from their resting place on your chest