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Oh hello! I didn't see you there! Im not too great at these, but if your here because I made a really bad joke, then message me, and I will send you a treasure map to go find a sense of humor. I'm sort of sarcastic and by sort of I mean all the time. I am a grammar Nazi but I don't call people out on it; I just snicker at their mistake in my head. Lots of people don't get my jokes when I write them down because they don't hear my inflections. (accidentally knocks down camera while running away sobbing) IM SORRY WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL ERRORS... JOIN US NEXT TIME FOR ANOTHER INSTALLMENT OF...HI THERE! (should be read in an announcer voice) P.S. I cannot stand anyone who frequently uses the acronym Y.O.L.O. P.P.S. If you feel like messaging me it might take a while for me to get back to you seeing as I am almost always on the app. P.P.P.S. I really enjoy hockeyoceancity's comments ( sometimes) and really do not enjoy squeakychipmunk's comments.

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stadams1024 tells us more.

I am the OP. Let me explain the situation more in depth since I only had 300 characters to do so before. My husband had lost his car keys, so I gave him my set and I took the spare lock key and the spare ignition key. I needed to get some groceries and he was at work, so I just went. Before I got out of the car to go inside, I put the keys in my sweatshirt pocket and got out. I got my groceries and came back out to the car, and yes it was in the same spot. I reached in my pocket to pull out my keys and only the lock key was there. I unlocked the car and immediately searched both the front seats, under the seats, in the cracks between the seats and even the back seat. I looked under the car and in the ignition too. I retraced my steps in the store three times and then checked my car again. I asked the service desk if anyone turned in a loose key, but no one had. I called my husband but he couldn't leave to pick me up, so I walked 4 miles home. The walk itself wouldn't have been so horrible had I not broken my foot a few months ago; it still bothers me, and there weren't any sidewalks half the way, so I kept twisting my ankle in holes in the ground. After my husband came home from work, he took me back to the store with his keys and I drove home. It wasn't until a week or so later that I actually found the key in the passenger seat, close to where the back of the cushion and the seat of the cushion met. There is no way I could have missed it when I searched for it and I had driven it a handful of times between the incident and when I found it. It literally appeared out of thin air and it still baffles me.