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Today, I went to get a facial. I forgot my contact case so I put them into paper cup. My beautician thought it was leftover water from someone else, and threw my only pair of vision aid away. I scuttled home half blind. FML
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I guess you didn't see that coming!

Scuttled? You scuttled? What are you, a crab?


I guess you didn't see that coming!

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ahahaha! good one! 

Especially when getting a facial. She's lucky the guy didn't just ejaculate into her eyes, at least they had the common courtesy to not do that.

I c what u did thar

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howd you know it was a guy? and who scuttles? what are you, a crab?

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OMG I GET IT!!!!!!!!!

Maybe not your facial. But she would certainly know mine has arrived hahaha.

haha zing!

#1, I don't know if you intended it but nice pun :). And OP, check to make sure you didn't over pay them by giving them a wrong note or coins.

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haha, the word " scuttled "

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This happened to me but instead it was a retainer. It was a school bbq in third grade, but guess who had to go through the million bags of garbage...?

You may not see well but you look good.

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pun intended

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hahaha, " SCUTTLED "

i know how u feel. i was half blind for a whole weekend w/o my contacts. it sux

You should have made sure everyone in the area knew that your contacts were in those cups...

Not everyone likes yell out "HEY MY CONTACTS ARE IN HERE!"

you're a fool. who says you have to be obnoxious about it? theres nothing wrong with letting people know not to throw the cup out.

Agreed. It's complete sense to say to someone "oh, by the way, that cup there has my contacts in it." People aren't mind readers...

If she took them out they probably put something on her eyes so maybe she didn't see it get taken away so couldn't have said. When her facial was done she asked where the cup was the the beautician said she threw it out. She assumed they knew but didn't see it happen so couldn't have said 'hey don't take that'.

I understand her eyes may have been covered but I'm saying that as soon as she took her contacts out she should of told everyone around that her contacts were in them...

I know eh lol don't u guys get it this guy ^ I'd talking from experience.

Scuttled? You scuttled? What are you, a crab?

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She's Dr. Zoidberg's sister.

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wow calm down, a person doesn't always carry glasses if their already wearing contacts. that's almost like saying when you go drive somewhere you should take a 2nd car with you incase u lose your original. it's just unlikely to occur

if you wore contacts, you would know how easily something can happen to them. besides if she is so blind she scuttled home, then it just makes sense to carry glasses if your vision is that bad. I have no sympathy for people who don't think.

Wow. You are a total douche. Even if OP did have glasses, theres really no reason to bring them with her everywhere she goes- It's not like she KNEW someone was going to throw them away.

like I said, if she is that blind she should be smart enough to bring them with her. anyone who wears contacts know how unreliable they are. they are easy to lose and my eye doctor me it is recommended to keep glasses with you just in case. besides, the OP probably has a purse and glasses don't take up that much room.

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iburppeopleup, I wear contacts and there really isn't a reason to bring glasses around with you unless you are very irresponsible and can't keep contacts in for an entire day without losing them, or if you are going somewhere that you know you're going to take them out. OP already said that they forgot to bring their contact case, so it was just an honest mistake.

I hav personal experience with contacts and glasses because iv been wearing glasses since first grade, and contacts since fifth. so I know that nobody wants to deal with bringing glasses with them wherever they go it's just to mush of a hassle. so get off op case unless you're their mom. nobody expects this to happen so just shit your trap and grow up

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I always bring my glasses and a my contact lense case with me when I go somewhere wearing my contacts, it's common sense. What if something gets in your eyes and you have to take them out all of a sudden? Or maybe your eyes just get sore for some reason and you want to take them out for a bit? It's really not that difficult to bring that stuff with you and it can save you a lot of trouble.

iburppeopleup have you ever thought that maybe she doesnt have glasses anymore? it's a long shot but maybe she doesn't like glasses so she chooses to wear contacts all the time. when my mom had contacts I know she never carried glasses around with her. Oh and it is a hassle to carry them in your purse cause there's a chance that they could get broken.

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It's a pain in the ass to use that stuff in the morning and then put it in your purse and take it out again at night. Plus I always lose my purse and if I lost my glasses I would be fucked because I'm blind as a bat without them. And glasses are pretty expensive so why risk it?

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Keep a spare case and extra pair of contacts or glasses in your purse from now on. :)

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wow OP looks like you just discovered the thesaurus on your computer... she threw away your "vision aid" and then you "scuttled home" YDI you don't need to take out your " vision aids" to get a facial.

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You know, there are actually people who can use multisyllable words without needing a thesaurus.

u r apparently one of them

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74- Is that a Columbian Boa?

spanelli 16

Epic typo! I meant 17. How the FUCK did I get 74...?

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So sorry! you should have told her before you did something like that ! People can't read minds.

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I'll give you a FREE facial to cheer u up

ur ginger So this is what it feels like to beat the English language with a stick.