By Ciara - 11/06/2012 20:44 - Ireland - Cork

Today, I woke up to a weird feeling on my face. Thinking it was a bug, I slapped at it. It was my freshly-inserted nose ring. FML
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Yeah, whenever I feel something on my face the first thing I do is slap it.


Yeah sure sounds like it poor OP i know exactly how that feels except belly button piercing!! :/

And that is your body's way of telling you not to poke holes in yourself and fill them with metal objects.

This FML is total bull!! Get it?! Because bulls wear nose rings?! No? Well, I tried.

22-We may have just stumbled onto a new **** fetish.

22- unless you take care of your piercings and make sure they don't get infected they do no harm to your body!

girl do us all a favor, sit on your butt and stop making weird seductive faces into the camera THANKU (harpy20)

IKR but seriously please just stop... No offense girls...(harpy20)

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25- nope not new, not sure what it would be called but I am positive that if perdix sees this or noor, they'll let us know

If she didn't do drugs none of this wouldve hsppened

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66- If you would not partake of freebase cocaine you may actually be able to spell. Please don't throw stones in a glass house. On a separate note foreign object tend to irritate the body for a short time after the initial insertion. It will get better so just ride it out and it'll be ok.

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61 - it's simply called a piercing fetish... Don't have to be Perdix to know that.

78 you seem kind of ******* epic O_O

That happened to me once back when I had a nose stud. Also, when I slept face down, I would accidentally jerk my nose ring out of my nose when I got up because it would be caught on my pillowcase. Bleeding ensued. This happened pretty often.

OP it's not that bad, when I had my new tummy piercing, they got stuck on my jeans and they nearly got ripped out

2-Maybe you should buy sheets with a higher thread count...

wow I never experienced that and I've had mine for 3 years

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I've taken mine out in my sleep but never had it rip out by getting stuck to my pillowcase.

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Sounds like you need to call Luxury Linens and in an Aziz Ansari way ask where the rest of your threads are.

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Nah, nose rings on a girl can look sexy.

Unless you're one of those smelly Indians from India who also have nose rings, now that wouldn't be sexy at all.

No need to feel takes a bit to get used to anything new especially nose rings. My septum sometimes tickles my nose and I will slap at my face when I'm asleep.

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chill with the word 'stupid' o__e'

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When you're in a state of semiconsciousness, anything can happen. I found that out after I hallucinated an entire 30 minute conversation with my brother via texting. My phone was laying on the floor. I hallucinated due to sleep deprivation. So basically she's not stupid, just human. And noserings are cool IF you have the face for it.

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Nose rings on a girl are never sexy in my opinion.

Well good thing that's your opinion. I think any type of modification is cool as long as the person who has it likes it.

Yeah, whenever I feel something on my face the first thing I do is slap it.

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Your pic goes perfectly with this comment lol

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Could of been worse what if it was a spider??:O

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I honestly would prefer a spider over the pain of a new nose piercing cuz you dont have much chances of bleeding on your pillow with a spider

Yeah I would definitely prefer a spider, and I honestly don't really like spiders.

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Well if it was a spider, he would have smacked it.

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I don't see how YDI, I understand it was by accident and you got frighten. Sorry OP

Yes, let's make ourselves feel better by anonymously calling someone a "dumbass", thus making us popular. Awesome.