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  baddawg365  |  0

66- If you would not partake of freebase cocaine you may actually be able to spell. Please don't throw stones in a glass house.

On a separate note foreign object tend to irritate the body for a short time after the initial insertion. It will get better so just ride it out and it'll be ok.

By  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

That happened to me once back when I had a nose stud. Also, when I slept face down, I would accidentally jerk my nose ring out of my nose when I got up because it would be caught on my pillowcase. Bleeding ensued. This happened pretty often.

  KiRaKaT  |  9

No need to feel takes a bit to get used to anything new especially nose rings. My septum sometimes tickles my nose and I will slap at my face when I'm asleep.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

When you're in a state of semiconsciousness, anything can happen. I found that out after I hallucinated an entire 30 minute conversation with my brother via texting. My phone was laying on the floor. I hallucinated due to sleep deprivation. So basically she's not stupid, just human. And noserings are cool IF you have the face for it.