By mentallyscarred - 31/01/2011 09:34 - United States

Today, while I was waiting at a bus stop, a man stopped at the red light and smiled at me. I smiled back. He blew me a kiss and drove away, just as I realized he was masturbating behind the wheel. FML
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BeastNerd 3

You should have tapped on his rear and asked for a quickie ride to so you could get back to home, instead of running. Ugh, I can't pun to save my life.

yeah keep workin on it 50, STROKE your ideas and they'll DRIVE you on to better ones. your dreams will ERECT your future puns from here on out, and for many days to CUM.

hahaha, did you see that he was masturbating?

Of course not. Its just that all males ********** in their cars. Didn't you know that?

10_4Franky 0

Hope he crashes and gets impaled by his dick.

probably too small for it. cud get snapped off, or squished, combo of all 3 maybe? gotta be realistic.

Lol damn. Really nothing u can do there, take it as a compliment?

ulicksam 0

Was he blowing you a kiss or trying to get some on you?