By Hesintrouble - United Kingdom
Today, I got a call from my boyfriend's boss. She was wondering if he was okay, since he hasn't shown up to work for the past two weeks. Now I'm wondering where he's been going when he leaves the house each day. FML
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  teddy4nyy  |  13

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  etoilenuit  |  15

He hasn't shown up for two weeks and she's just now calling?? Weird.. And it doesn't mean he's cheating necessarily.. Maybe he just didn't want you to know he quit? :/

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

50, I'm with you on this one. Unless someone had a better job lined up, people tend to be pussies about quiting their jobs. Which is weird because if the person disliked their job so much, that was their chance to give their boss a piece of their mind. I'm curious what the Original Poster's boyfriend's excuse is.

  strapper88  |  6

#98 not necessarily. On my one day off work a week I'm a volunteer sports medic and a local club I volunteered my time to was treating me like garbage so I went in and told them I was done. I don't have another club lined up, but if someone treats someone badly there's no point in going the wrong way about it if you may need them as a reference in the future.

  smiliecat  |  13

If she was under the impression that he was going to work everyday and he wasn't, then I'm going to take a wild guess and say that there isn't much trust there anymore.

  br00kr  |  22

Well no shit just downgrade me just because i said question him. I see a few other people saying that same thing and they aren't downgraded!