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Today, I called my boyfriend's job to ask him a question. His co-worker answered the phone, and when I asked for my boyfriend, he assumed I was someone else. Who exactly would that someone else be? FML
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One of the other girls in his harem perhaps?


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maybe he thought you were calling for someone else? some other guy who's gf might be calling him?

Pretty much, geez. Seriously, the co-worker thought you were someone else and did not know the other guy's girlfriend. Overly suspicious much?

"Yo man, your girlfriend is on the phone" "which one...?"

Seriously, they probably get so many calls, it's hard to determine who is who. You're way too paranoid OP. Calm down.

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his mother, sister, cousin, co worker, old friend?

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Your Mom! Stop Whining and move on. maybe he was assuming it was the Proctologist.

I'd never thought I'd say this but: Listen to Justin Bieber, OP.

lose the Justin beiber cut and I might respect you...a little

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-33 no he's not really Justin beiber. are you seriously that stupid? but op should definetly listen to him

Bieber* If you're going to insult him, spell it right.

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perhaps one of your boyfriends coworkers has a girlfriend? just sayin..

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I was hoping you would tell us who that someone is, but nope. Now I'm left guessing.. =/

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They thought Kathy Bates was calling.


I'm pretty busy so I can't help u but my friend chebacca can he got his degree in physcology he's practicly dr phil

holy shit it's chuck norris or are u Han solo? whatever fact is chuck Norris/Han solo just gave u advice...wait no he said chewbaca would... whatever *makes wookie noise*

is anyone else bothered by the wording of this fml? especially the last part? she sounds like a whiny hoe..

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Not confusing per-say... Just whiny, stupid, paranoid, overly jealous, idiotic, slightly psycho and of course ho-ish.

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that's why he's cheating on her

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Here's a thought, maybe it could be someone he works with or works for.