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Today, I called one of my old coworkers to see how she was doing. My boyfriend answered the phone. FML
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That seriously sucks. At least we know who the office ***** is. Move on and forward.


MikaykayUnicorn 36

These comments make no sense. if she said "ex boyfriend" people would be like "well if he's your ex, why does it matter?" These FMLs are all written in past tense, so even though he may now be an ex, he wasn't when this event occured. Please, for the love of FML, stop these "I hope you mean ex" comments. They aren't witty and they're really, really annoying.

What they mean is: I hope he is now an ex-boyfriend based on the events of this FML.

#26 as long as these comments get thumbs up, they'll get posted. The whole shitty "shitty" pun went on for years on this website. Wait 2-3 years and you won't see ex posts anymore.

"Then-boyfriend" Or "now ex-boyfriend" But I agree with the person who said that these generally reveal the punchline.

#26. she's speaking of the time that it happened as a replay of her life. her boyfriend picked up the phone but I'm sure she dumped him after that call

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i loathe these comments so much.

andrew240 22

Don't you mean your ex boyfriend?

but if she wrote ex boyfriend that wouldn't be as big of a deal to us readers

#5, I believe that #3 implies that her ex coworker changed gender and became a male who happened to become her boyfriend. A pretty messed up thought.

Eyalsh 32

this is being mostly down voted by people who didn't get it. i laughed out loud, doesn't happen to me a lot on this website. have my upvote.

That seriously sucks. At least we know who the office ***** is. Move on and forward.

The boyfriend is also a *****. Takes two to tango.

hunterluv1 20

He's cheating too. How is only the women mentioned as the *****?

Fine he's a cheating bastard. I thought it was self explanatory that he was a douche considering it was his girlfriend calling .... I mean he better know his girlfriends name and number. He's not only a cheater but extremely stupid as well. Hope I appeased all of you :)

#29- how could you say ''cheating too''? you don't know, maybe the co-worker is single and not cheating. and #4 it says old co-worker so maybe she didn't know he was/ is OP's boyfriend? just giving the benefit of the doubt

hunterluv1 20

She's the other women. If she's knowingly taking part in that relationship, I don't give a **** if it's not technically "cheating." She's still at fault.

There are plenty of situations where the boyfriend or girlfriend cheat and the person they're cheating with are never told. I've read stories on here about a woman meeting her fiances wife, who she had obviously never heard about before

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Wow! that really sucks Sorry OP but I think it's time to move on and find someone better

nataliewby 25

At least you found out he wasn't the one, I'd say you dodged a bullet. FYL

Dump his ass in the trash faster than Flash.

And this is when you find out about his diabolical twin brother

#10 - ¡Dios mío! I thought he was in prison for a crime of passion!

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In OP's grief, she didn't say "ex-boyfriend"

91hayek 31

Maybe he was teaching her knitting or something.

MasterTron 24

Maybe he slipped and fell into her several times.

That's as believable as the comment above me

Maybe he was giving her wrestling lessons

....with their clothes off. You know, for aerodynamics....

meliodafool_ 15

or yoga....while nude....because the air conditioning was broken?