By bri_sci94 - 23/07/2013 20:27 - United States - Madison

Today, after our grandmother's memorial service, my 9-year-old sister took it upon herself to solemnly inform the priest in front of everyone in attendance that, "You lied. Jesus isn't here." FML
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My immediate family isn't religious, but my grandparents were. My sister was not harshly reprimanded or anything of the sort as she has not been exposed to religion and doesn't understand it at this point in her life. Thank you for all of your kind comments; I wasn't close with my grandmother but it's still a heartbreaking event.

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Somebody better do something quick! The brainwashing isn't working... This one might actually be a freethinker. Can't have that!

What is so wrong about being religious? I'm honestly stunned and appalled at the lack of open mindedness on here. It's exactly what atheists accuse "bible thumpers" of always doing. I'm agnostic at the moment, but only because I'm trying to learn as much as I can about religion before I choose my own beliefs. Death and grieving can be very spiritual. Since OP's grandma was religious, I would expect that everyone would respect that. Especially at her funeral.


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Well. she's still young. Just inform her that faith is believing even when you can't see His presence. Hopefully once you were able to explain, everyone just brushed it off. sorry for your loss.

Faith is bull, if that's what you mean.

Faith is knowing that even if there is a shit ton of world suck and it seems like every single person hates you, there is still someone that loves you.

At the age of 4 it is cute At the age of 9, it's parents not teaching the child when to keep their mouth shut and not to correct adults.

1 - Alternatively, you could explain both sides of the coin and let her come to her own conclusions as opposed to only explaining the faith side of it.

Faith is nothing more than ignorance and gullibility disguised as a virtue. When you are being asked to believe in outdated myths and superstitions as if they are real, you have to have faith; because you have nothing else.

32 and 70, nobody asked you why you don't like religion. I'm not religious either, but at least have the decency to respect other people's faith.

Nah, she's right. Haha... Let the indoctrination begin!

86- You do not have to respect a faith that says you are immoral and will burn for eternity in Hell. Screw religion, it's messed up, and respecting it is not helping anyone.

91- You may not have to respect the religion but respect his choice to believe in that religion. I personally am not religious, but I do believe that certain religions can teach you morals and ethics. I also believe that it does help certain people who may be able to recover from a huge loss or depression in their life.

It's helpful in some ways and not helpful in other ways. But people can choose what they want to believe. Respect their choice instead of being a jerk and thinking your the only one who can be right

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You took the words out of my mouth. You think Jesus comforting you after he lets someone pass away is righteous? Yuck. I don't want to put faith in that.

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Blame Adam and Eve?

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Aren't atheists people who don't believe in anything at all (religion wise), so why do you have a satanic picture and username.

84- FYI Most Satanists are atheists that like to mess with religious people. But they are the darker side of atheism because they really really really hate Christianity. But they are not violent.

Nope. Satanism is a different religion in itself. it focuses on Lucifer being the good guy as opposed to god. Really isn't hard to do once you've read the bible.

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92 - Satanism is as 'valid' a religion as christianity and is not based on any hate, while it may often seem so.

Aw :/ everyone goes through that point at all different ages. I'm sure everyone there can understand why she would feel that way at that point in time.

"At that point in time"? Really? You couldn't possibly fathom how skeptical, rational adults might just think Christianity is absolute bullshit? The same shitty story had been going around the Mediterranean for centuries before Jesus' ass ever existed, if at all. Wake up.

At that point in time meaning right after her grandmother just died not her age. And yes I can fathom it perfectly fine, I did not state my religious view in that comment at all. I was just saying that people at the service who may be religious could understand why after having a loved one die, she would question His existence. That is a time that many people do. Now what she believes is her business and hers to decide.

I dont think the little girl was questioning His existence at all. I think that when she was told Jesus would be there, looking after her grandmother, she thought that meant literally. And when she didnt see him, she thought she should let someone know. And 72, no need to be such an asshole. Keep in mind that the "bible thumpers" you hate for pushing their religion on you equally despise being bashed for /their/ beliefs.

Oh, and 72, I thought I should let you know that Jesus did exist. It's a fact.The question is whether he was the Son of God or not.

Kids really don't hold back from saying whatever is on their mind.

Exactly! Soon, the Original Poster's sister will inform her parents that she knows how she was made and where she came out of. Of course, it will be at another inappropriate time (I'm guessing she hasn't figured that out yet but will learn all about it by age 10). I'm sorry for your loss, Original Poster.

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Your profile picture and username match this FML perfectly :)

#6 No Crap! That was the point of his comment.

I'm not religious myself, but I can imagine it may have been her way of dealing with grief or even lashing out to try and understand things in a better perspective. You shouldn't take things out on her too badly; she may not have fully understand the impact her words had on you and the others there. Sorry for your loss.

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I completely agree. I'm also an atheist, but I really feel for the poor kid. She must just be so confused. Death is a scary and difficult concept, especially for someone so young. Please don't be too hard on her. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss OP

Somebody better do something quick! The brainwashing isn't working... This one might actually be a freethinker. Can't have that!

That was rude on her part but still she's just a kid, you can't blame her. Hopefully you talk to her about how that can offend some people.

It's not the job of a young child to make sure her innocence doesn't offend anyone.

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a nine year old should know not yo announce something like that but i think leeway should be given as she is greiving.

#40 I'm not religious or anything but I think going to a church and saying Jesus isn't real is a bit of a dick move that shouldn't be accepted, I doubt you'd like it if creationists went into into science classes and started telling everyone that evolution is a lie

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But they pretty much do. Or at least try to.

Do you think that her parents thought they'd stick around long enough? They were probably attending the service, then getting the hell out of there. It's not the kid's fault she was stating the obvious: Jesus was not physically there; regardless of what you believe, that is true.

52 How is a nine year old girl not understanding that Jesus isn't supposed to be in the room physically a dick move?

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because she is old enough to understand that it is not supposed to be a physical manifestation. kids at 6 understand the concept of death and spirits so a 9 year old definately should. she ahould be forgiven for it becuase she is upset bit she needs to be told that saying stuff like that isnt appropraite. people can believe whatever they like but calling people that believe different liars is bad. oh and using the excuse of christians muslims and other religious groups is not an excuse for doing it back.