By Snarty - 23/07/2013 18:28 - United States

Today, I sold ice cream to a group of kids. One of them looked sad, because he was the only one who couldn't buy any, so I gave him some for free. Apparently, he was allergic to something in it, and ended up being rushed to the hospital. FML
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Snarty tells us more.

hey thanks for the comments guys. to answer a few questions neither the kid nor the parent knew he was allergic. aparently he reacted to the red food coloring which caused him to break out in a full body rash the poor little guy was so upset. but now we know he isn't allergic to all ice cream so I told him and the mom they will have free ice cream on me for the rest of the year... as long as it doesn't have red dye! Thanks to all who commented, Cheers!

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That sucks OP! It wasn't your fault. You didn't know.

Oh that's really nice! You're a generous person OP!


That sucks OP! It wasn't your fault. You didn't know.

OP should have watched that simpsons episode when Homer was the ice-cream man and gave ice cream to a lactose intolerant boy.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Yeah, even though the outcome wasn't very good, it was still a good deed. I bet OP put a smile on his face just for giving him one.

It's the thought that counts :)

Homer has a vast knowledge of everything

peachesncreem 21

I usually ask the kid first if they're allowed. My niece is allergic to so many things, it's the first thing I do before handing any food over. Kids with allergies are usually pretty good at knowing what they can and can't have.

If they are good at knowing what they allergic to, why didnt the kid stoo him?

Maybe he was allergic to nuts and the ice cream didn't contain nuts but was processed using articles which had come into contact with nuts. That's why food is forced to be labeled if it's from a facility that also uses common allergens (at least it's so here in the states)

118- or maybe he was allergic to ice cream.....

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I feel you, OP. No good deed goes unpunished...

your action was meant to be a sweet gesture. don't beat yourself up over it, OP

Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished. The kid was so delighted to be given a treat, for free, that he didn't tell the Original Poster he has severe allergies. On the bright side, OP, you showed the boy that good/caring people still exist in the world.

i have a peanut allergy and when i was little if somebody offered me something with them in i declined, even if it is free. i think the kid should have been more responsible, no matter how young they are

#136 some children may be to young or not understand the severity of allergies. you can not blame the child. they may also not be able out weigh the ice cream from the consequence

He screams, his mother screams, his whole family screams "sue!!!!!11!"

mif_fml 27

Stick to your creative puns Pleo.

61- Let him do what he wants.

I don't know why he got buried. People have sued for much less and an attorney can easily make a case for this incident. I personally wouldn't do it because it was a good gesture.

#65: In order to make a case, they would need to prove that OP actually had previous knowledge of the kid's allergies.

A good gesture that can end in a pile of bills the parents may not even be able to afford. In March I was rushed to the hospital. The ambo ride alone is over $600 bucks. I'm not saying op did a bad thing or should be sued. It was an accident and it sucks for everyone involved. But if the parents do get angry, it could stem from worry about their kid as well as other strains this incident can put on them. The kid may have been told no by the parents about the ice cream because of food allergies. And depending on the age, the kid may not understand. Situations like this just suck all around.

#87, if a child is too young to understand their potentially life-threatening allergies they shouldn't be out on their own without supervision.

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Maybe the kid didn't know what was in the ice cream and thought it would be okay to have some.

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Sadly, in order to make a "good case" all a lawyer has to do is convince 12 people to blame the OP for what happened.

I scream for Icecream!

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But this kid swells for icecream.

br00kr 22

That's sad.

Most of your comments are also sad.

Is that all you have to say really

BlueFlatts 20

Hey, I thought #5's comment, although a little lacking was more constructive and sincere than your comment #33. Should have stopped at the thumbs down.

I would Offer to pay for the bill

Not OP's responsibility.

graceinsheepwear 33

I doubt if someone who drives an ice cream truck--and no offense to OP intended, just pointing out they aren't a stockbroker--cannot incur that expense. It costs thousands just to walk into ER. And no, it isn't their responsibility anyway.

You didn't know, but at least you were being nice!

You did well. Some faith in humanity has been restored. Thank you.

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Its not your fault op, you did not know. You were trying to be kind. I hope the lil guy/girl is okay!

Pstraka6 20

How the heck are you suppose to know that? Don't beat yourself up, you were only trying to do a good deed!